Mavela, a fifteen-year-old black girl from the dreaded Black Bronx youth gang, is torn between loyalty and love when she falls madly in love with a Moroccan boy from a rival gang, the 1080. She soon realizes that to be a member of a gang is to be a member forever and that leaving the Black Bronx is simply impossible.

The film depicts the ruthless world of youth gangs, a very current phenomenon. A raw, realistic and yet romantic film, Black is a drama about impossible love.

The screenplay was written by Nele Meirhaeghe (screenwriter of Bo, Danni Lowinski, De Ridder, Loslopend Wild, etc.), in collaboration with Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

The two directors have attracted the attention of professionals and film lovers alike by winning awards with their short film Broeders at the Ghent Film Festival and the Leuven International Film Festival. They then received the coveted VAF Wildcard fiction award, a prize that enabled them to make their first feature film: Image .
Black will be their second feature film.