In a world that has become exclusively feminine since his father left, Kevin, 12 years old and 100 kilos, “Bouboule”, shares his life between his oppressive mother, his surs, his doctor’s appointments, his gym classes, and the unenviable condition of being the scapegoat of his neighborhood.

Looking for an outlet, Kevin scavenges for French fries, pastries or pots of crème brûlée, to enter his dreams, a colorful world where everything is lighter and funnier.

Eating could be a refuge, if predictions of an impending heart attack weren’t hanging over her head at every turn. Kevin’s life changes the day he befriends a thirty-year-old security guard, Patrick, and his pet dog Rocco, in order to escape the mockery of those around him and gain the respect of his peers.

Between virile speeches and commando training, Kevin changes to the point of abandoning Alice, his gothic friend from the daquagym classes, and of getting angry with Moukoumbi, his Congolese friend. He also believes that he is semancizing by rejecting his mother.

Fascinated by Patrick, whom he follows blindly, Kevin comes dangerously close to the point of physical and mental breakdown.

Born in Ottignies, Belgium, and holding dual Swiss and Belgian nationality, Bruno Deville studied at the Plastic Art Academy of Wavre before joining the ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne), film department. In 2004, he founded Le Flair, a production company based in Lausanne. After a series of short fiction and documentary films, including “Viandes” selected at the FIFF in 2003 and “La Boule dor” presented at the FIFF in 2008, he signed his first feature film, “Bouboule”, shot mostly in Namur during the summer of 2013.