The cutter

Bruno Davert is a very senior executive in a paper factory. Having been laid off with a few hundred of his colleagues due to relocation, he is ready to do anything to find a job at his level, even to kill his competitors.

Costa-Gavras in Wallonia ? The event is exceptional; in fact it is unmissable. The great director, who after the success of Amen returns to the social thriller by adapting a novel by Donald Westlake, has decided to come and shoot 40 days in Wallonia in the regions of Liege and Namur
If the post-production is planned in France, the Walloon expenses are centered around the shooting and the technical team : an exceptional opportunity for young local technicians to collaborate with a director of international stature.

The beautiful casting (José Garcia, Karine Viard and Olivier Gourmet in a supporting role) as well as the commitment of Studio Canal to distribute the film are other elements that herald success.
From the outset, Le Couperet was presented as a project of international scope to which the Dardenne brothers, co-producers in Wallonia with their company Les Films du Fleuve, immediately subscribed. The turning point is important for them too.