The Ghost of Spandau

Charles Gabel was the chaplain of Rudolf Hess, a high-ranking Nazi official and friend of Adolf Hitler. Through this documentary, his grandchildren, Idriss Gabel (the director of I don’t like the sea anymore) and Marie Calvas, try to understand the friendship that their grandfather had with one of the monsters of our era

Charles Gabel, driven by his faith, became Rudolf Hess’ chaplain in 1977. Less well known than Goebbels and Goering, the latter was nevertheless an equally influential Nazi ideologue and dignitary. He was a close friend and confidant of Hitler, who made him his first dauphin until Germany entered the war, when he became the second dauphin behind Goering.

Tried in Nuremberg and imprisoned for life in the inter-allied prison of Spandau, the only man who could visit him without the close surveillance of the guards was Charles Gabel. In the course of their talks, an unusual friendship develops between the man of faith and the Nazi.

The film, by taking us to the heart of this unexpected relationship and by gradually immersing us in the intimacy of this man who was once a monster, leads us to question ourselves: can we give love and forgiveness to one of the worst criminals in history?