The Spiral

Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands. Across Europe, famous works of art were simultaneously stolen. Interpol is on the lookout. A coincidence? A conspiracy rather. Orchestrated by one man, the Machiavellian Arturo who has a score to settle with society.
In each country, he can rely on sharp accomplices. But several of the protagonists have hidden agendas and the story soon goes beyond a “simple” international robbery. The hunt begins.

The Spiral is a series made for television that may forever mark the small screens in Europe. Like the script, the production is spread over six different countries and the episodes will be scheduled at the same time. This synchronism has a reason : the spectator who wishes to do so will be able to simplify the investigation via the Net, then in reality. An interaction that will have an impact until the last television episode.

Unbelievable? Yes, almost. And yet we don’t ramble. The French-speaking spectator will even be able to participate in this adventure since we have just learned that Arte has decided to join the group of blessed broadcasters of this extraordinary experience. RTBF could do the same. We hope so, in any case.

The series is scheduled to air in September. It should keep us on our toes for five long weeks. Co-financed by Wallimage/Bruxellimage, The Spiral has just appeared on the Net via a very attractive teaser: American-style editing, metallic image, charismatic characters. The recipe seems explosive.