10th animation session: one feature film, two series and a Crossmedia grant.

  • 04.07.2012

The feature film that Wallimage will co-finance is an exceptional project. Inspired by Jacques Tardi‘s universe, Un Monde truqué scrupulously respects the graphic charter and the narrative spirit of this immense comic book author. On the principle of alternative worlds, the heroes find themselves in 1941 in a very surprising France, a France where innovation has disappeared, because all the great scientists have been kidnapped. By whom? Why is this? The quest will be frenzied and the chase breathtaking. The Liège-based pioneers of Digital Graphics (Alleur) and Waooh! (PIL) will take part in this stunning adventure co-produced by Need, which will be illuminated by a rather exceptional vocal cast: Cécile de France, Jean-Paul Rouve, Olivier Gourmet, Nathalie Baye, Jean Rochefort, Bouli Lanners, Garou and Carole Bouquet have already said yes.

This session is also an opportunity for Wallimage to support two series.
Lilly looks like any other schoolgirl, but there’s something different: she has a secret! His best friend is Hector, the Dragon, and his favorite book is magic! Together the duo travels through time and space to exotic countries. In these exciting expeditions, there is always an obstacle to overcome and a mystery to solve.
Inspired by a collection of German children’s books translated into 35 languages, Lilly the Witch will allow Walloon scriptwriters to exercise their imagination within the rather strict framework of a series that develops on a systematic framework. Two storyboarders will also be at work while Dame Blanche Genval will be in charge of the French post-synchronization. A co-production with Germany, Austria and France, Lilly was brought to Belgium by the Germanophile Arnauld de Battice for AT-Anim.

The second season of Lulu Vroumette should, logically, follow in the footsteps of the first season, which has become a major audience contributor to France Télévisions’ youth programs. The basic team is the same, the theme too. Once they cross the threshold of the classroom, Lulu the turtle and her gang scatter in the countryside. Let’s go for the adventure!
This new series will have 52 episodes of 13 minutes, half of which will be animated in Wallonia at DreamWall in Charleroi. A studio that has given full and complete satisfaction since the promoters of the project have maintained their confidence while the French operator has been changed. In Belgium, it is always Araneo who co-produces these bucolic peregrinations. Araneo also brought the last file selected during this session.

In fact, it is not a co-financing for a television or film work, but a cross-media grant awarded in the framework of the Digital Extension line with the support of Creative Wallonia. This line allows producers who have obtained support from the Walloon fund or the mixed fund to present a project that, while promoting the original work, develops a parallel universe involving the Internet user in a game, an adventure, an autonomous experience.

For Le Petit Spirou, it will be the creation and the online publishing of a very well thought module motivating the youngest to create, on the framework of the series, small animated films of about thirty seconds. The site will offer a library of characters, objects, sets and animations to be inserted on a timeline inside a real editing module. Simplified, of course. Once the film is finished, the child will be able to publish it with a credit to his name. Belle Productions, DreamWall and Dame Blanche Genval are the three service providers selected for this project, which is both (very) fun and (really) educational.
Which could, you never know, arouse vocations among the youngest.