19th Wallimage/Bruxellimage investment round: six winners

  • 28.01.2015


“La Tour de Contrôle infernale”, the newest film from French duo Éric and Ramzy, kicks things off.

Directed by Eric Judor, the zany comedy is a prequel to the duo’s “La Tour Montparnasse infernale”.

“La Tour de Contrôle infernale” follows Eric and Ramzy—once highly skilled fighter pilots—over the course of a space training program. When they’re put to the ultimate test, their pride threatens to get in the way of a job well done. They won’t make it out without any scratch…

Thanks to Belgium-based co-producer Nexus Factory, shooting will take place in Belgium with majority Walloon and Brussels technicians on set. The bulk of the postproduction will take place in Wallonia and Brussels.

In his letter of intent, Eric Judor said, “I’ve always thought of myself as a Belgian guy. Until the day my Guadeloupean father and Austrian mother asked me to stop talking with that accent…” Needless to say, the Board enjoyed a break from number crunching to have a few laughs. Thanks, Eric!


The next project, “Les survivants”, is the first feature film from Luc Jabon, co-president of the André Delvaux Academy (presenters of the Magritte Awards). The Luxembourg and Belgium-based cast features a number of impressive names, including Fabrizio Rongione, Erika Sainte, and Christian Crahay.
“Les survivants”  tells the story of a revolutionary activist whose ideals are put into crisis after he is released from an 18 year prison sentence. Filming begins in Belgium and Luxembourg next month.

Alain Marcoen, best known for his work with the Dardenne brothers (and on Luc Dardenne’s documentary “L’Âge de raison”) has signed on as cinematographer. L’Équipe studio will manage editing and sound. The project will be produced by Iris Films.


“Faut pas lui dire”, another quirky Belgian comedy, was the third project to catch the Board’s attention.
Produced by Entre Chien et Loup, this first feature from director and lawyer Solange Cicurel (best known for the short “Einstein était un immigré”) tells the story of four Brussels women in their 30s (Marie Gillain, Tania Garbarski and one actress yet to be cast) as they prepare for their cousin’s (Stéphanie Crayencour) wedding. The trio are thrown for a loop at the last minute when they learn that the groom has a gay lover…

“Faut pas lui dire” revisits the age-old question, can friends have secrets?

The 100% Belgian cast also includes Fabrizio Rongione, Laurent Capelluto, Charlie Dupont, Clément Manuel, Fabio Zenoni, Geert van Rampelberg.

Filming will take place in Brussels starting next September. Postproduction will be managed in Wallonia by Dame Blanche. “Faut pas lui dire” will be an interregional project with significant commercial potential.


Another project greenlit by Wallimage/Bruxellimage approaches marriage in a very different way…

Near the end of the 19th century, Valentine marries Jules. A hundred years later, a young Parisian girl—Valentine’s great-granddaughter—runs along a bridge to embrace her lover. In between, lovers meet, build families, and follow their hearts…

Presented by Artemis Production, the project draws director Tran Anh Hung from Vietnam. The film will be shot primarily in Belgium and features a star-studded French cast, including Audrey Tautou, Mélanie Laurent, Bérénice Béjo, Melvil Poupaud, and Louis Garrel... Postproduction will be handled by l’Equipe, and Dame Blanche Genval studios, the new Brussels-based subsidiary of French company Mac Guff will contribute digital effects.

This prestigious project has Cannes written all over it!


“La Route des Lacs”, planned by Arte as a television film for French and German channels, has the potential for theatrical release, as well.

Ripped from the headlines, this drama follows a single mother whose daughter has gone missing. When word gets back that her daughter has become radicalized in Turkey and is planning to join the Syrian conflict, her mother enlists a friend to travel with her to the Middle East to try to reconnect with daughter and bring her home to Belgium.

“La Route des Lacs” follows on the heels of the Scope Pictures success “L’Emprise”, which was broadcast on French TV channel TF1 to 8.6 million viewers (a 33% audience share). “La Route des Lacs” will be directed by the well-known Rachid Bouchareb.

Talent in front of the camera will include a cast of excellent Belgian actresses included Astrid Whettnall, Mons-based actress Pauline Burlet and Patricia Ide.

19 days of the scheduled 36-day shooting will take place in Belgium, overseen by majority Belgian technicians.

“La Route des Lacs” should resonate strongly with Belgians. The story is based on true events in Wallonia.


Wallimage/Bruxellimage looks to follow the success of their 2014 co-produced TV series “La Trêve” with “Ennemi Public”. The series was pitched during the recent call for projects launched by the RTBF and the Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation. “Ennemi Publiic” tells the story of Guy Maréchal—Public Enemy Number One—coming to the end of his prison sentence.

His provisional release at the Vielsart Abbey, located in the French countryside, causes a scandal among the local community. Yet, while most of the monks are upset about the visit of a “monster” to their quiet community, a young monk and former psychiatrist named Lucas believes that Marechal’s redemption is possible. But when a young girl goes missing nearby, the whole Vielsart community raises their voice.

Though the series draws inspiration from the Dutroux/ Martin case, it is not based on true events.

Rather, it is a stylistically subtle mix of “The Missing”, “Ainsi soient-ils” and the original Scandinavian version of AMC’s”The Killing”. Viewers can expect deliberate pacing and a foreboding atmosphere. Filming is due to start in Wallonia in July and will last 60 days. Release is expected in early 2016.

The technicians and directors hired are 100% Belgian, as are main actors Stéphanie Blanchoud, Angelo Bison, Jean-Jacques Rausin, and Olivier Bonjour

Though its €200,000 per episode budget may pose a challenge for this very ambitious series, the project from Playtime (with executive producers Entre Chien et Loup) remains promising.