33th session: flayed, undercover and absolutely permanent

  • 11.02.2009

Well no, Wallimage’s Board of Directors did not set out to support the next tour of the Korperwelten exposition, but instead decided to give Jacques Donjean the means to bring back to life Honoré Fragonard, cousin of the famous painter. During the French Revolution he was the first to discover a nowadays forgotten conservation mode for bodies. The docu-fiction Fragonard, le Frankenstein français, produced by Tarantula, will allow the author of “Nuit de Cafards” to bring back his old pals at Digital Graphics for spectacular sfx!
To get over their emotions our directors also voted for two comedies: Incognito by Eric Lavaine who took Bénabar along this summer between Brussels and Saint-Hubert and Indélébile by Grégoire Vigneron, presented by Scope which, among the many announced regional effects cites an as of yet unseen expense: the Walloon Royal Orchestra will be recording the soundtrack.