33rd session: An indelible wound rarely goes unnoticed

  • 11.02.2009

No, the Wallimage Board of Directors has not decided to support the next Korperwelten exhibition tour, but to give Jacques Donjean the means to bring Honoré Fragonard, the famous painter’s cousin, back to life. During the French Revolution, he was the first to discover a now-forgotten method of preserving corpses! Produced by Tarantula, the docu-drama Fragonard, the French Frankenstein will reunite the author of “Nuit de Cafards” with his Digital Graphics accomplices for a festival of special effects! To recover from their emotions, our directors also voted to support two comedies: incognito by Eric Lavaine, who this summer took Bénabar from Brussels to Saint-Hubert and back again. Indelible by Grégoire Vigneron presented by Scope, which, among the many regional spin-offs announced, is offering a completely new one: the Orchestre Royal de Wallonie will be recording the original music!