38th Wallimage session : Walloon stars at the rendezvous

  • 16.04.2010

There are unstoppable moments that you quickly understand will be historic. This 38th session in the history of Wallimage is one that will undoubtedly be marked with a white stone. Imagine, then, that the board of directors of the Walloon fund has decided to co-produce three films by the Dardenne brothers , Bouli Lanners and Patrick Ridremont– four of the undisputed stars of our audiovisual landscape. What a group shot!

Deliver to meThe new opus of the Dardenne brothers is a dense and moving urban drama about filiation and is supported by a strong cast: next to Jérémie RénierFor the first time, Jean-Pierre and Luc relied on a female star, who until then had enjoyed bringing young, unknown performers to the forefront. It is Cécile de France who finally penetrates their universe and we can’t wait to see the result of this summit meeting.

Actor turned director by passion, Bouli Lanners is already establishing himself as one of the key figures in Belgian cinema. The man has a unique look, tone and personality. After the sumptuous Eldorado, he tackles here Giants: two teenagers left to their own devices who meet a third and discover… life.

For the past ten years, Belgian French-language cinema has been in a state of perpetual reinvention: its universe is growing exponentially, new actors and directors are emerging every year. We are therefore very curious to see how Patrick Ridremont will negotiate his arrival on the big screen, both in front of and behind the camera, and behind the screenwriter’s keyboard as well. Good to know: Dead Man Talking is based on an absolutely brilliant idea which we won’t say anything about here. It’s a matter of life and death…