3rd session of the Crossmedia line: Gigolos scour the Web

  • 04.03.2013

The buzz surrounding the digital experience designed aroundOnce Upon a Time undoubtedly helped bring a lot of spectators to the theaters. The triumph ofErnest and Celestine can also be attributed in part to the magical digital universe imagined by La Parti. Other great successes such as The Suicide Shop, on the other hand, probably did not manage to convince the potential audience to go and see Patrice Lecomte’s film. That said, the different axes of this very ambitious (and successful) project have nevertheless attracted the interest of many Internet users.

Thanks to these successes and to more offbeat adventures such as those of The Spiral or Mirages, the Crossmedia line is now cited as an example throughout Europe (yes, yes) and Wallonia is considered a pioneer region in terms of digital promotion.

Besides Crossmedia Promotion, Creative Wallonia also financed a Crossmedia Extension line. The boundaries between these two axes were clear to us at the outset, but experience quickly showed that the two initiatives often overlapped. Based on these observations, we decided in late 2012 to readjust the concept to make it more relevant and effective.

From now on, Wallimage proposes to producers who wish to do so to present three times a year Crossmedia files intended to draw attention to their films already supported by Wallimage or Wallimage-Bruxellimage; a sine qua non condition. The other constraint is that the work must be carried out in the Walloon Region by local companies.

A jury composed of three Wallimage managers and three external experts examines these files and then makes a recommendation to the Wallimage Board of Directors. For this first new-look session, two projects have been selected and will be co-financed by the Walloon fund which will award them a grant (non-refundable).

On the occasion of the information session organized in Namur by Wallimage to prepare Belgian professionals for the Pixel Lab to be held in Belgium in July, Stéphanie Hugé, the lively manager of the Wallimage Coproductions line, announced the winners of the first Crossmedia session of 2013.

The first file is about L’Écume des Jours, an adaptation of Boris Vian’s universe by Michel Gondry. The Crossmedia project brought to us by Scope Pictures revolves around a website that will have four entries and will be punctuated by a rather surprising concept of the struggle against time which is one of the themes of the literary work. We won’t tell you more.
A Facebook application and interactions with existing media, a relevantly offbeat presence on social networks will complete the action led by Creaxial already at the base of the operation Once upon a time.
The great news is that Scope Pictures has this time obtained the support of the French producers: the promotion will also be exploited abroad. This will be a great international calling card for the Wavre-based company. As you know, the development of Walloon companies in and outside our region is an added value that is completely within the scope of Wallimage’s concerns.
The overall project gives a crazy desire to enter the universe of Vian and Gondry and could push those who dare to do so into theaters. It is also insidiously pedagogical, which is not to our displeasure.

The other successful proposal was brought by Frakas and K-Web for Morrocan Gigolos, which has just finished shooting in Liege and Brussels. This adventure is inspired by the theme and humor of the film, the story of three slackers who, in order to raise the money to buy a snack bar, create a company of gigolos for mature women. Even very ripe.
The file that was submitted to us is declined in several modules around an original site and some inventive actions mixing the virtual and the real. These operations will require operators to invest a lot of time, but could prove to be very profitable for the success of the film in theaters.

Now divided into three annual sessions, the Crossmedia line will reopen its doors on June 10 to welcome producers who want to invent new ways to capture the attention of the French-speaking Belgian public, which is said to be little interested in films shot on its soil. Everyone has three months to come up with great ideas that will excite the imaginations of moviegoers… and others.