47th session of Wallimage : First Belgian films, documentaries and blockbusters

  • 20.02.2013

Jacques a vu will be the first film of Xavier Diskeuve, a journalist who has already made a few highly acclaimed short films. For his transition to long format, co-produced in Belgium by Iota and Ezekiel 47:9, he does not betray his universe or his commitments. He will work with his friends who trusted him in the past and will situate his action in the Ardennes where a small village will be upset by a mystical apparition. Christelle Cornil, Nicolas Buysse, François Maniquet and Alain Azarkadan are going to live a torrid summer. Pray for them.

Shortly before that, Hubert Toint will have gone to Chile to shoot Mirage d’amour with Fanfare, his first feature film, naturally produced here by his company, Saga Film. Marie Gillain will discover the passion under the features of the Argentinean actor Leonardo Sbaraglia. Adapted from a successful novel by Chilean Hernan Rivera Letelier, the script was written by Bernard Giraudeau, who did not have time to film it. A beautiful homage and a great adventure in South America for this film producer who will finally realize… his great dream.

He will undoubtedly find happiness… just like the people in Six characters in search of happiness, a documentary series that explores the original ideas and solutions implemented by Belgians to improve their lives and, by the same token, society. The series will be shot in 6X26 minutes, half of it in Wallonia and broadcast on RTBF, which is co-producing with Whac Media.

The last two features selected are potential blockbusters. This is at least what their French and Belgian producers hope for.
Supercondriac, marks the reunion of Dany Boon and Kad Merad, who thus re-form the triumphant tandem of Bienvenue chez les Chtis. No more southerners and northerners in this story, but a forty-something hypochondriac (Boon) who asks a doctor friend (Kad) for help in finding a wife. Desperate mission? Perhaps. Dangerous mission? Pretty much, yes… And funny? Of course! Artemis is co-producing this comedy currently being filmed in Belgium.

The other film with strong commercial potential that the Wallimage Board of Directors decided to co-finance is Grace. byOlivier Dahan. Co-produced in Belgium by uFilm, this biopic plunges us into the heart of the 1960s as Grace of Monaco learns about her life as a princess. Nicole Kidman, striking, tries to follow the protocol to make her husband Tim Roth happy. We had the chance to discover about twenty minutes of pre-edited rushes of this film already shot and one thing is certain: every euro committed is seen on the screen: the sets and costumes that the camera embraces in very wide shots of an incredible majesty are to die for.

Wallimage goes USA? Not impossible…