48th Wallimage session : Les Dardenne, Abel Ferrara, Marion Cottillard, Willem Dafoe, Matthias Schoenaerts and ... Bouboule

  • 03.07.2013

Highly anticipated, even unmissable, Two Days and a Night, produced by Les Films du Fleuve, is the new project of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. The title sets the scene: in a very short time, a young woman who has been fired from her company tries to change the minds of her colleagues who voted for her departure in exchange for their annual bonus. A painfully topical theme that is guaranteed to have an even greater international impact than usual since Marion Cotillard will play the lead role. Buyers from all over the world are rushing to acquire the distribution rights for this feature film, which will be shot entirely in Liège, with local technicians. For the first time, the Dardenne brothers have also multiplied the secondary roles, which will give the opportunity to a host of Belgian actors to shine in this prestigious film. The other two main roles are played by Fabrizio Rongione (the Magritte’s Mr. Loyal, familiar to the brothers) and Christelle Cornil (Au Cul du Loup). Catherine Salée, who starred in the recent Palme d’Or at Cannes, is also in the credits. In order to make it to the second round?

Bouboule was brought to us by Versus. It is a rare Belgian-Swiss co-production to be directed by a young Belgian filmmaker living in Switzerland, Bruno Deville. He will shoot entirely in Belgium the story of Kevin, better known as Bouboule, 12 years old, 100 kilos. In an exclusively female world since the departure of his father, the kid shares his life between his oppressive mother, his dimwitted sisters, his doctor’s appointments, his aqua gym classes, and the unenviable condition of being the whipping boy of his neighborhood. The main character, found in Belgium by Kadija Leclere, is a certain David Thylemans: he has the right face for the job. Swann Arlaud and Julie Ferrier are also in the credits of this feature film which will be partly post-produced in Genval at Dame Blanche.

One of the big surprises of this session was offered to us by Tarantula who proposed us a film… byAbel Ferrara(Bad Lieutenant, The King of New-York, DSK) dedicated to… Pasolini. This is a sulphurous project to which Igor Gabriel will bring his precious artistic contribution. As a co-production, Belgian technicians and post-production companies will obviously participate in this adventure that narrates the last day of Pasolini’s life through a kaleidoscope of images of his life, his fantasies, his films and his projects. The Italian director will be played by Willem Dafoe(Spiderman, Antichrist) who is not only a great actor: he is also Pasolini’s look-alike and has been living in Rome for many years.

The other prestigious minority co-production at the end of the season is the work of Scope Pictures, which brought to Belgium Une Suite Française, which was initially to be shot in Eastern Europe. The cast is dazzling: Michelle Williams(My Week with Marylin, Blue Valentine), Kristin Scott Thomas(In the House, Only God Forgives ) and Matthias Schoenaerts(Rundskop, De Rouille et d’Os). Of the 41 days of shooting that began on June 24, 26 are confirmed in Wallonia under the direction of Saul Dibb, who already has The Duchess on his résumé.

Thus ends a truly exciting season that has seen the accumulation of exciting, increasingly ambitious and diversified projects. Next session of the mixed Wallimage/Bruxellimage line on September 9 and the Walloon line on September 30. Sharpen your records!