5th Crossmedia session: Alleluia, Jacques has seen Lily The Witch!

  • 23.10.2013

The first project selected is Lily The Witch, an animation series (26 episodes of 24 minutes) co-financed by Wallimage. This is the sine qua non condition for a cross-media file to be considered. As a reminder, Lilly is a curious 10 year old girl, full of imagination and always looking for adventure. She is a good student and loves to read and travel. But Lilly has a secret: her best friend is Hector, a dragon, and her favorite book is a magic book… Thanks to an inventive promo, the two characters will meet in a game declined on the web and especially on tablets and smartphones. It is a kind of evolved Tamagotchi, with a real educational value. But if the approach is definitely “edutainment” oriented, it is nevertheless very playful and should keep young fans loyal. They will find on the site information and the possibility to see and review the episodes already aired. Among others… The project was submitted to us by the production company AT-Anim. It is EMakina Wallonie who conceived it and who will develop it.

EMakina is also in charge of another file chosen by the Wallimage Board of Directors. For Iota, the Brabant company has come up with the original promotion that will give visibility to Xavier Diskeuve‘s first feature film, Jacques a Vu. What exactly did Jacques see? But the Virgin, of course. Is this vision real? Will it be recognized by the Vatican? To find out, you’ll have to go see the film, which should arrive in the fall. Thanks to the website that will be set up before the release, the Internet users will be able to discuss the veracity of a series of events, famous or not, that have marked the life of our countryside. The visitor will also be asked to enrich the interactive map that he will find online. How do you do it? Don’t expect us to tell you everything right now. All we can tell you is that it should be fun and very viral.

The last project pinned by the jury and selected by the board of directors will be used to promote Alleluia, Fabrice Du Welz ‘s fourth feature film and second part of his Ardennes trilogy. For this new episode, which ends this week, the director finds Laurent Lucas, the victim of the aptly named Calvary, whom he transforms here into an enlightened psychopath. This Walloon road movie is inspired by the story of the Lonely Hearts Killers, an American couple who made headlines in the 1940s in the United States by murdering some twenty women. It will be a shocking film, rather gory if we judge by the first shots seen here and there. The idea of promotion developed by the production in consultation with Cuistax and Dog Studio is to gather all the potential fans through various initiatives including a webzine that will talk about the film, the career of Fabrice Du Welz who already attracts a hardcore audience and genre films in the broadest sense, fantasy, horror, thriller, noir … Smart. And promising.