5th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session : Of pearls and swines

  • 10.10.2010

Caviar, having already brought us Smoorverliefd (opener of this year’s Ghent festival), comes back with Le Cochon de Madonna, a surrealist comedy in which a mechanic pig salesman gets lost in the Westhoek and ends up in a small village, ready for a nervous breakdown. With Frank Van Passel directing, not much chance to be disappointed.

Next to this “Ch’tis”, Belgian version, the Wallimage board of Directors also decided to co-finance two portraits of women, two intense and humanist dramas which should, we are willing to bet on it, attract the attention of a few festivals before deeply moving its target audiences.

The scenario for Le Sens de Nos Peines (temporary title), which received two prizes, throws young Ombline into the merciless universe of a women’s prison, where she discovers she is.. pregnant and that her child will be born while she is locked up! For Belgium, it is Entre Chien et Loup co-producing this first feature by Stéphane Cazes in which Mélanie Thierry gets a unique chance to prove her talent.

The third accepted submission is a collaboration between .. four countries and five co-producers. Tchin Tchin Prod (France), Tip Images Productions (Switzerland), Sahara Productions (Morocco), and for Belgium Eyeworks (Flanders) and the Walloon Compagnie Cinématographiqie européenne work together to bring to life the story of Sarah, kidnapped by her father who takes her to live in Morocco. Largely based on a real story, Le Sac de Farine (temporary title) leans on a strong cast. With this strong and well built story, Brussels-based director Kadjila Saidi Leclere promises to make us quiver.