79th Session: a little hairy guy, gangsters and a cocker spaniel.

  • 27.04.2016

This session’s Walloon spending champion is undoubtedly Boule et Bill 2, a new (and very well scripted) adaptation of the internationally known Belgian comic strip. After a first episode that more than two million spectators saw in theaters, this second opus offers two essential casting changes : a new Boule (Charles Langendries) and a new actress in the role of his mother, Mathilde Seigner replacing Marina Fois.

Alexandre Charlot and Franck Magnier, directors of the first opus have also given up their place to Pascal Bourdiaux (Fiston).

Nexus Factory remains the Belgian producer of this film, whose post-production will be carried out mainly at La Baraque à Films (image editing), at Dame Blanche Genval (sound editing) and at Benuts for the numerous special effects.
The shooting (45 days) will take place at home while the brave Bill will be a Belgian cocker spaniel, brought by Belga Cinemalia, specialist in pet training for the big screen.


Far from the good-natured universe of Boule et Bill, Au-dessus des lois (Above the Law), proposed by Versus, is a great film noir directed by François Troukens and Jean-François Hensgens.

Olivier Gourmet will be Frank Valken, author of a fabulous heist carried out without violence. As he leaves the premises he has just robbed, a commando executes a magistrate who is investigating a political case. Thirty years after their misdeeds, the Walloon Brabant killers are back to clean up and they are determined to pin the blame on the crook and his gang.

Entirely shot in Belgium, Above the Law should be the talk of the town. By tackling one of the darkest periods of our history, François Troukens delivers his own analysis : a credible lead, often evoked, but which risks to cause a sensation.

Who are the children of the night who have been proposed to us by Tarantula? Challenging Italian teenagers from wealthy families isolated in a boarding school where some rather mysterious events take place… but they must stay within the walls. A strange place that resembles those boarding schools that the director Andrea De Sica, grandson of Vittorio, knew in his youth.

His fertile imagination does the rest to distill tension in this story of friendship that turns to drama.

If the shooting is Italian (with the participation of the Belgian Antoine Vandendriessche for the sound), a significant part of the postproduction will be 100% Walloon, divided between Mikros (image editing), Sonicpil (sound editing) and Mikros Image (lab).

The Brussels-based director Marta Bergman is of Romanian origin ; her filmography includes a handful of documentaries made in that country. It will soon be enriched by a first feature film, featuring Pamela, a young Roma girl, insolent, spontaneous and funny, unlike any other girl in her community. She lives alone with her grandmother and her baby in a shack where they share the same bed. But what can you do with a two year old child when you dream of being free?
Produced by Cassandre Warnauts for Frakas, Seule à mon mariage will be shot mainly in Belgium from September 19th.

A feminist film, without pathos, which plays with clichés.


A 2D series for the very young (3 to 6 years old), with 78 episodes of 7 ‘, Petit Poilu will be a faithful adaptation of the eponymous comic strip, the work of a couple of Walloon authors Pierre Bailly and Céline Fraipont.
Simple and graphic, all in roundness, with vibrant and saturated colors, it will be co-financed by the animation line of Wallimage. Unquestionably, the episodes, silent, funny, moving and very positive, have a real international potential.

Belvision, which brought this project, will localize a large part of its production in the Dreamwall studios in Marcinelle where the sets, layouts, animation and compositing will be done, while Dame Blanche Genval will take care of the sound and masters.

The director is the French Olivier Brugnoli. First assistant on the Maya the Bee series, he also worked on the visual effects of Arthur and the Minimoys.

Petit poilu, whose first episodes will be broadcast at the end of the year, should quickly become one of the jewels of the Belgian production company.

Finally, Wallimage has also decided to co-finance two series through its TV line.

The Visionaries – Success Story project is a series of documentaries about successful Belgian family businesses. The narrative and the construction of the episodes are conceived as a biography with the genesis, the difficulties that could have caused the loss of the company, the fight of David against Goliath (multinationals) ….

Medianext, which is producing this story for broadcast on RTL, is considering a future version of the concept and its internationalization. An interesting bet.


Well-anchored in the air of time, Zone blanche is a French police fantasy series, co-produced in Belgium by Be Films. It takes place in a small village lost in the middle of the forest. It is about murders, disappearances, mysteries of the past that resurface in the present. Thrills guaranteed.
Half of the shooting will take place in Belgium with some Belgian actors in the cast, notably Renaud Rutten and Laurent Capelluto (photo) in the main roles

FilmFX will produce the many special effects for the series while Dame Blanche will handle the sound post-production and Belga Cinemalia will provide the production with the trained animals they need. As for Boule and Bill.

The loop is closed.