7th Wallimage Animation session: Young Spirou seduces Miss Chiffre!

  • 08.07.2011

Young Spirou, created in 1987 by Tome (writer) and Janry (graphic artist), is a comic book figure whose adventures, mainly told in the form of short tales, turned the French-Belgian comic book landscape upside down. Saying we are excited to see him on the big screen is an understatement. Wallimage is proud to announce that its animation department will participate in this very Walloon project.

In each of the episodes of this 78 episodes first season, our little hero will be faced with everyday problems every child might encounter at some point. After quite some twists and turns (and seven minutes of animation!), he will of course get past the obstacle and find a radical solution for his problem.

52 episodes of this series, co-produced by Araneo will be made in Wallonia, at Dreamwall of course, but also at Dame Blanche Genval for the image and sound post-production. The music will be composed by the excellent Pierre Gillet. So yes, with that many eligible expenses in Wallonia, no wonder our very own Miss Digit was seduced by the project!