90th session of Wallimage : France is back, the genre is in good shape, Belgian films are seducing !

  • 07.07.2018

The third funding session of 2018, which is also the 90th organized in Mons, is in line with the first two : quite a few files, brilliant, and the obligation for the Board of Wallimage to make complicated choices, dictated by the economic analysis of the proposed projects.

Diversity is once again at the heart of the films (no series this time) added to the Walloon fund’s line-up with two major projects, feature films initiated in France, but also in Italy or Luxembourg, shot or post-produced in Belgium, genre films, blockbusters, films with much more modest budgets and an international cast more than enticing with notably Omar Sy, François Damiens, Charles Berling, Philippe Torreton, Sandrine Bonnaire, William Hurt and Émilie Dequenne. Seductive not ?

Obviously, the object of our analysis is economic and our interest is focused on the expenses made in Wallonia, at the time of the shooting (in terms of rent, technicians, etc…) or of the postproduction (sound, image, VFX…). Sometimes, however, it is the occasion that makes the thief and the local star that accentuates the Belgian identity of a foreign film.

When Michel Hazanavicius decided to write The Forgotten Prince, he didn’t necessarily think of coming to Belgium to complete his budget, nor of working there. But when François Damiens appeared in the casting, the idea of finding a Belgian co-producer was born. The discussions progressing, in addition to the salary of the actor, it is much more than a million expenses, mainly devoted to special effects that are dedicated to Wallonia and more precisely to Mikros which will be able to have fun on this funny, touching and very inventive film which requires a visual universe that we suspect fascinating. Part of the equipment, notably the camera and lighting, as well as the composition and recording of the music (General Score), the laboratory, part of the editing and sound effects at Dame Blanche Genval complete an irresistible offer signed Belga Films.

Two other big French films will come to Belgium to make important expenses thanks to the support of Wallimage. It was Umedia who brought us Three Days and a Life, Nicolas Boukrief’s new feature film adapted from an exquisite novel by Pierre Lemaître (author also of Au-revoir là-haut). A magnificent script, an amazing cast, led by Pablo Pauby (Patients). The shooting will take place entirely in the Viroinval region (35 days) with more than 30 regional people including 11 station managers on deck. More than 60% of the post-production and technical means of the film will be Walloon thanks to TSF.be, Wallitec, Macadam Car, Dame Blanche Genval or the Studio l’équipe Wallonie.

We stay with the successful French writers for Complètement cramé. Here, it is Gilles Legardinier ‘s best-seller that will be transposed to the cinema, under the supervision of Yann Samuell (that Wallimage finds 15 years after Jeux d’enfants). This humanist comedy, sometimes sweet and bitter, always delicate, will bring together William Hurt, Émilie Dequenne, Marthe Keller and Fred Testot. 22 Walloons, including 8 postmasters, will accompany the project co-produced here by Frakas , which is taking the opportunity to strengthen its ties with two new partners : the Luxembourgers of Bidibul and the French of Superprod. The camera equipment, electro, and machinery will be rented from Eyelite, the VFX will be done by Benuts and the sound effects will be done by Dame Blanche Genval.

Equally exciting on paper, Belga‘s Our Lady of the Nile metaphorically recounts the rise of racial hatred in Rwanda through the life of a boarding school for young girls. Powerful and moving, this feature film by Atiq Rahimi (Prix Goncourt 2008) is adapted from the novel by Scholastique Mukasonga (Prix Renaudot 2012), which has become a best-seller.  In addition to 11 Walloon technicians, including 7 station managers, the technical equipment for shooting provided by Eye Lite Liège and the machinery offered by TSF will be used. Genval-Les-Dames will take care of the sound post-production and lab work, Benuts will take care of VFX.




It’s becoming a tradition and no one is complaining : three new genre films join our line-up during this session. The message is getting through internationally and Wallimage, which will again be present at the Frontières market in Montreal, is already very much in demand by the bearers of thrilling projects which, in order to attract our favor, will have to establish partnerships with Belgian producers. Bingo !

The first one is French and will be based on one of the most original, surprising and moving scenarios that we can imagine… No question here of divulging it (as the Quebecers say), you will enjoy it better as soon as it is on our screens. It is Wrong Men that brings us The last life of Simon, very promising first film by Léo Karmann. The Breton shooting will involve 10 regional people, including 5 postmasters. A large part of the delicate special effects will be realized at Mikros and the music will be recorded in Wallonia.

Freaks Out which comes to us from Italy is very spectacular. First co-production of Gapbusters co-financed by Wallimage, this fantastic film is signed by Gabriele Mainetti , the rising star of transalpine cinema. The director who turned his small self-financed debut into a blockbuster is currently the object of all the covetousness and his new project tells the story of a small circus led by a troubled character. We are at the dawn of the 1940s and to ensure the reputation of his voyeuristic enterprise, this Adolph Hitler fanatic recruits a few monstrous characters… who may in the end prove to be more human than the people who employ them. Great satisfaction : the VFX will be done in Wallonia for a minimum of half a million Euros. The sound mixing will be done at Mute and solo and the sound editing at Genval as well as the dubbing and sound effects.

Initiated in Luxembourg, Skin Walker is co-produced in Belgium by the Flemish company Caviar which decided to make the main part of the expenses related to the shooting and the post-production… in Wallonia. Of the three genre projects, this one is clearly the most likely to shake up the BIFFF audience eager for thrills. 39 Walloons, including 6 postmasters will be working on the project, while the lighting and camera equipment will be rented from EyeLite, the machinery from KGS, the dressing rooms from LCF, the sound editing from the Post Box, the sound effects (Genval) and the VFX from Benuts.




To this very nice line-up are added two very endearing feature films initiated in Belgium… directed AND produced by ladies !

Produced by Iota , who just shined at the Cannes Film Festival with Guillaume Senez’s Nos batailles, Les Chatelains will be Véronique Cratzborn‘s first feature film. The drama will turn in September and October 2018 partly in Wallonia with 32 regional including 11 heads of post and in the Hauts de France region. The sound editing, sound effects and post-synchro will be entrusted to Dame Blanche Genval, as will the image laboratory. For the calibration and the masters to be delivered, it is Charbon Studio which will be on the breach.

Finally, Wallimage is very happy to have Marion Hänsel back in its line-up with an eminently personal project in the line of the superb Nuages. Il était un petit Navire, a poetic essay shot in the water cities where the director grew up and lived, is both an introspective work and a sumptuous film. Because of the small budget, Walloon spending is naturally small… as is the demand. But the production manager (Monique Marnette for Man’s film) and the sound engineer are Walloon while all the post-production work will be done at Dame Blanche Genval.




Medium-sized theme parks have become the stars of day-tripping. These parks are family-friendly, catering to kids and tweens alike, and the attractions mix state-of-the-art multidimensional technology with more family-friendly experiences. There are themed roller coasters as well as multimedia attractions (dynamic rides, dark rides, VR,…).

This has not escaped the attention of the Media Participations Group, which has just opened the “Parc Spirou Provence”.

There, two exclusive digital attractions will soon be installed

You will be able to put on Gaston Lagaffe ‘s green sweater and discover the Journal de Spirou’s editorial office during a crazy race through it in a dynamic 4D ride. We will also have the opportunity to visit the Zombillenium park in a very different attraction of dark ride type.

Aware of the potential of these various projects, Dreamwall has decided to develop a know-how in the production of digital attractions. And to exploit it.

Thus, the two films mentioned above will be produced by Belvision and directed by Dreamwall. This is only a first step and Dreamwall plans to position itself as a reference supplier in the field of digital attractions.

Wallimage Creative has decided to co-finance these two attractions, becoming a privileged partner for Dreamwall on this promising market that could quickly turn out to be lucrative, including for the Walloon fund… and therefore for the entire region.