9e session Wallimage/Bruxellimage : not only mirages…

  • 19.10.2011

La Sieste sous le Figuier is a Tarantula co-production, a dramatic comedy. Belgian director Anne-Marie Étienne filmed in Brussels and Luxemburg with a fantastic French-Belgian cast: Jonathan Zaccaï and Marie Kremer versus Anne Consigny and Gisèle Casadesus.

Brussels is also at the heart of Atomium, a romantic intrigue set in an anxious Europe… The project comes from Eyeworks, who are co-producing Norbert Ter Hall’s Dutch film based on Belgian writer Oscar Van den Boogaard’s novel.

Brasserie Romantiek is another Dutch-spoken bid, a delicious collective psychodrama taking place in a brasserie on St. Valentine’s. A romantic setting, indeed. Artemis works in association with A Private View to co-produce a highly esteemed Joel Vanhoebrouck’s feature debut.

More to the South, Les Landes will receive another royal set : François Xavier Vives is directing his feature debut, starring Miou-Miou, Sergi Lopez,, actor-director Xavier Beauvois (Des Hommes et des Dieux) and a Belgian actress who is for the very first time (hard to believe !) associated with Wallimage: Marie Gillain. The Belgian co-producer however is a regular : Alain Berliner caved for this ambitious project.

Finally, the last selected project is a two-part television documentary. Patric Jean (La Domination Masculine) aims with Mirages to debunk several still widely believed mystifications of history. These two films are part of a bigger whole which Wallimage also supports thanks to its CrossMedia investment (more information can be found HERE )

Five new files, confirming the alternative position of Wallimage/Bruxellimage : projects with tighter budgets, collaborations with Flanders which often turn out very successful (Rundskop, to name one, is not only a shocking film but it is also a financial success) and showcasing our regions: this time, Brussels in particular takes the spotlight…