And 5 (Wallimage films at Cannes)

  • 03.05.2016

Cannes Junior Screens is a selection of eight international feature films that are of particular interest to young people between the ages of thirteen and fifteen because they develop themes or stage universes likely to confront them with the world and other cultures, while helping them discover the art of filmmaking.
These high quality films are not a “children’s” set but an attractive “all-ages” selection.

Pierre de Gardebosc, programmer of this selection, strives each year to present films that provoke reflection and discussion in a school setting. He also chooses films that evoke civilizations, ways of life and countries that are unfamiliar to young French people, to offer them images on the “big screen” that they hardly see on the “small”.

The jury, composed of a class from the Gérard Philipe high school in Cannes, will have to determine, at the end of the event, the work that it will consider the most worthy of being studied in class. It will be chaired by our very national Jean-Luc Couchard.

Thus supervised, the students will participate in an original discovery process: they will have to take on the role of full-fledged juror, discuss the films, argue, understand the cultural value of a cinematographic event…