A 5th film supported by Wallimage shows in Cannes!

  • 03.05.2016

Cannes Juniors presents a selection of eight international feature films which address themes of special interest for teenage audiences from ages 13 to 15 and lead them to discover the art of filmmaking. This selection presents high quality programming geared to all types of audiences.

Cannes Juniors programmer Pierre de Gardebosc values films which provide food for thought and give rise to discussions in school settings. He primarily focuses on films which can open up various civilizations and lifestyles that young French people don’t necessarily know about, showing images on the big screen that audiences would not see on the small one!

The Jury, comprised of young students from the Cannes secondary school Gérard Philippe, will reward the work considered the most relevant to be studied in school. Belgian actor Jean-Luc Couchard will preside over the Jury.

With such a quality coach in Mr. Couchard, students will enjoy a unique experience: they will have meaningful input as members of the Jury, debate about movies, argue and capture the cultural value of a unique film event.