A brand new website

  • 01.03.2010

Wallimage’s site, version 3.0, will not throw you off too much but it should please you. While developing it, we tried to make things easier for you. If you are looking for a specific piece of information, you can go straight to what you are looking for. It is now possible to do a direct search for just about everything written about a film, a producer or an actor.

All films supported by the different Wallimage investment lines are listed in an updated database. Besides the traditional data sheets, photos and summaries, you will also find a list of service companies and Walloon or Brussels technicians who worked on the film shoots.

The Walloon Fund itself evolved a lot since 2005: Wallimage Coproductions diversified and is today also open for animated series, Wallimage/Bruxellimage gave concrete expression to a common approach between the Walloon and the Brussels Capital Region, and since July 2009 it has two million Euro available to invest in feature films. And finally,Wallimage Entreprises, which co-finances Walloon audiovisual enterprises has become an autonomous entity. The supported companies now have a special spot which will be developed even more. We will keep a close eye on their activity, their investments and their success.
The main reason for the creation of Wallimage was the development of the Walloon audiovisual industrial network as a whole. It is working. And the site will reflect this.

The founding stone of our site has always been he databases, making it possible to easily find Walloon service companies and artists … or at least the ones who filled out the forms. If you are a film professional, register on our site. Even if you were listed before! The producers often take a look at these databases when searching for technicians. And it is free.

Obviously our databases are now also open for the Brussels audiovisual world, since the creation of Wallimage/Bruxellimage. They will be identified by an Iris logo next to their name while the Walloon will sport a W for the Region.

Whatever is well conceived is clearly said … The phrase is well-known, but not often followed through. That said, if a mechanism is clearly dissected, black on white, it takes away much from the criticism and negative speculations. It is one of the best improvements of Wallimage’s new site, which has a pedagogic value. The fund and its different parts are carefully explained. Every aspect is covered in detailed FAQ sections. So now nobody will be able to pretend anymore not to understand how it works. Doubt something? Three simple clicks and you have your answer.
The updated set of rules for the fund is available in .pdf format, so are all forms necessary to submit an application.

To stay informed about Wallimage, it is of course essential to subscribe to our newsletter. If you already did, but do not speak or wish to receive it in French, you need to update your information: you will then receive our newsletter in the language of your choice. To change your preferences, click the pretty icon to the left of the photo.

Well, that’s that. We are finally there. The site is online, and is now yours. If you have any comments, or find any bugs, don’t hesitate to let us know on our Facebook page.
Enjoy your stay!