A brand new site!

  • 01.03.2010

Wallimage ‘s 3.0 site won’t make you feel too out of place, but you should like it. Our intention has been, throughout its development, to try to make it easier for you.
If you are looking for a particular piece of information, you can go straight to the point. It is now possible to do precise research on everything that has been written about a feature film, a producer or an actor.

All the films co-financed by the different Wallimage lines are referenced in a fully updated database. In addition to the traditional technical sheets, photos or summaries, you will also find the names of the service companies as well as a list of Walloon or Brussels technicians who participated in the shootings.

Since 2005, the Walloon fund itself has evolved significantly: Wallimage Coproductions has diversified and now welcomes animation series, Wallimage/Bruxellimage has put into practice a common approach to the Walloon region and the Brussels Capital region and has had two million euros at its disposal since July 2009 to support feature films. Finally, Wallimage Entreprises, which co-finances Walloon audiovisual companies, has also developed to become truly independent. The companies supported by Wallimage now have a privileged space on our website which will be further developed. We will follow their news, their investments and their successes step by step.
The development of the Walloon audiovisual industrial fabric as a whole was the primary reason for the creation of Wallimage. It’s on. This site will reflect this.

The very foundation of the site has always been its databases that allow to easily find Walloon service companies and artists… who took the trouble to register. If you are a film professional, don’t forget to register on this new site. Even if you were already listed in the old one! Producers often scan these bases when looking for technicians. It is totally free to join.

With the creation of Wallimage/Bruxellimage, these databases are of course opened to the audiovisual wealth of Brussels. All the technicians of the Capital can naturally make themselves known via this database where they are identified by the Iris logo while the Walloons display the W of the Region.

What is well understood is clearly stated. The adage is famous… but not often applied. However, when a mechanism is dissected in black and white, it is less open to criticism and negative speculation. This is one of the great improvements proposed by this new site of Wallimage which wants to be very educational.
From now on, the fund and its various components are explained in detail. For each of these aspects, very detailed FAQ’s cover the subject. From now on, no one will be able to say they don’t understand how Wallimage works. Any doubt? Three clicks and you have the answer.
Of course, the updated fund regulations are available in PDF. As well as all the useful forms to file a file.

To keep you informed about Wallimage‘s life, it is of course ideal to subscribe to our newsletter. If you have already registered, but are not a French speaker, it is necessary to update your data: you will receive the newsletter in the language of your choice. To proceed with the modification, click on the pretty icon on the left of the image.

Here you go. We are finally there. The site is online, now all yours. If you have any comments, if you find any bugs, don’t hesitate to express yourself on the facebook page.
Have a good surf!