A calendar without head or tail, totally illegal!

  • 06.10.2010

The two feature films that arrive today in Belgian cinemas were screened at the Namur Fiff where the first one opened and is in competition (awards on Friday).

Illegal, as it is, has already won several international awards and will be our representative at the next Oscars.
Thanks to a subject in the air of time (the undocumented), to a strong treatment (it is not a pensum, but an authentic psychological thriller), to the breathtaking performance ofAnne Coesens and to a humanism which avoids soliciting, the second feature film ofOlivier Masset-Depasse is unanimously approved. From this Wednesday, it is presented in 17 theaters, and if you still have a doubt, you can read our article or surf on the official website to make up your mind. It will be released in France next week.

The second feature film is one of the first Wallimage/Bruxellimage co-productions to officially hit the screens. Sans Queue ni tête is signed by Jeanne Labrune and confronts Isabelle Huppert and Bouli Lanners, but also the worlds of prostitution and psychoanalysis. A comedy that the monthly magazine Brazil defines as “A lucid and probably not yet ferocious enough criticism of a society where everything is consumed, exchanged and where the being can be lost, becoming an object.” To be discovered in Namur, Liège, Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve.