A very spoiled child

  • 19.09.2005

In the wake of its Palme d’Or win in Cannes, the French release of L’Enfant is only scheduled for October. It should be the occasion for a media shake-up. But in Belgium, CinéArt wanted to take advantage of this month of September, which was rather sparse in terms of new releases, to create an event with a massive release in 28 cities for a total of 42 theaters in the country’s three regions. An impressive strike force that also benefits from a helping hand from ScreenVision.
Impressed by the second Cannes triumph of the Dardenne brothers and intrigued by the relative passivity of the Walloon public when it comes to discovering films produced in our region, Serge Plasch decided to stir the pot.
On the occasion of a very Liège-like and therefore very warm ceremony, presided over by Jean-Claude Marcourt, Minister in charge of WallimageThe managing director of the cinema’s advertising agency presented the Dardenne brothers with a check for 20,000€, which was largely used to finance a three-week national campaign (35-36-37) with a 20-second spot that will be massively screened in all theaters in the country.
It is undoubtedly a commando action never seen before in Wallonia. An operation that should be an opportunity to demonstrate to Belgian distributors that advertising in cinemas is at least as effective as advertising on buses or in magazines.