All about Wallimage Enterprises

  • 15.10.2017

At the same time, companies that were often visionary and specialized in cutting-edge audiovisual sectors were solicited by producers, but sometimes lacked the means to accelerate their development and satisfy demand.


Wishing to remedy this concern and to see the rapid development of a network of efficient filming and post-production tools in Wallonia, the Walloon government created in 2008 Wallimage Entreprises, an investment fund dedicated to audiovisual companies, which therefore fully meets the initial mission of Wallimage: to structure the emerging audiovisual industry in the Walloon Region.


Initially dedicated to cinematographic companies, Wallimage Entreprises has progressively widened its field of action and now covers the following sectors of activity :


The audiovisual :

  • film services companies : sound studios, animation studios, special effects studios, image and/or sound post-production companies, film equipment rental companies (cameras, lighting, dressing rooms, …),… ;
  • development companies around audiovisual technologies ;
  • companies dedicated to the production of innovative content (where the term ” innovative ” concerns audiovisual products that fall outside the scope of Wallimage Coproductions, i.e. feature films, series and fiction and animation documentaries) but also to television production companies 

The gaming : video game studios ;

Creative digital agencies with a strong audiovisual dimension (this audiovisual dimension can take the form of an AR/VR department for example);

Companies active in the Musictech sector. 



Wallimage Entreprises supports companies having or wishing to set up a head office and/or in Wallonia.


The fund intervenes through a minority participation in the capital, through a bond convertible into shares or via an unsecured loan. The aim is always not to replace the entrepreneurs, whom Wallimage Entreprises limits itself to accompanying and advising in their development.


To submit an application, a file must be compiled, including in particular the CV of the project leaders, a description of the activity, the target market(s) and the business model, as well as a business plan for a minimum of 3 years (see details in the complete regulations).


Based on the analysis of this file, and a dialogue with the project owner, Wallimage Entreprises will evaluate the relevance of the requested investment (economic reality, quality of the promoter and the team…) and will thus be able to position itself as a possible financial partner of the project.