An Indian, a turtle, three animated seasons

  • 07.07.2015

The second season of “Sammy & Co” follows logically … the first one already co-financed by Wallimage. The project is still led by Nexus Factory (majority) who convinced Ben Stassen, the creator of Sammy who focuses on the big screen, to let him manage this adventure for the small. To his complete satisfaction.

The series takes place after the adventures of  two feature films Samy’s Extraordinary Journey (11 million viewers worldwide) and Sammy 2 (a second M was added at this time, it is normal).

Sammy has settled with his tribe (Ray, Shelly, Rita, Ricky and Ella) on a reef a few nautical miles from Dubai and is going to have adventures full of action and humor.


After the success of the first season, the same team of designers tackled the continuation of the adventures of Ricky and Ella, but the providers will be different.
The Belgian Pierre Neira continues to take care of the storyboards, but he will lead a team based at Digital Graphics in Alleur. The sound work, the editing of the animatics and the image lab will be entrusted to Dame Blanche Genval while Sylvain Goldberg with his company New Frontier Films will sign the original music.

The realization of this second salvo of 52 episodes of 13 minutes, supervised by Olivier Jongerlynck began on June 15, 2015 and will last 360 days in Wallonia, but also in France and India.

The other project selected during this final session of the 2014-2015 season concerns not one, but two additional seasons of the French-Belgian animated television series Yakari.

Based on the eponymous comic book character by Job and Derib, 104 thirteen-minute episodes (3 seasons) have already been broadcast since 2005.

Belvision is producing this project at home, which will occupy a team at Dreamwall for 286 days from October 31, 2015.

New settings, a new graphic line and new characters will populate the endearing universe of the little Indian. A new breath and a new energy should blow on these seasons 4 and 5 thanks to the 3D animation and the 2D rendering. In all, 52 episodes of 12 minutes will be produced under the supervision of Belgian animation director Xavier Xhibitte. The director remains the Frenchman Xavier Giacometti.