Creative Wallonia is already tomorrow.

  • 07.11.2012

In 2010, two United Nations agencies – UNCTAD and UNDP – jointly published a report highlighting that the creative economy was more resilient to the crisis than the conventional economy. This study also establishes, with supporting figures, that since the beginning of the 1990s, creative entrepreneurship has grown at twice the rate of traditional service activities and four times the rate of manufacturing industries.

For two years, at the initiative of Jean-Claude Marcourt, Wallonia has been investing in the creative economy through Creative Wallonia, a plug-in of the Marshall Plan 2.vert.
More than twenty measures aimed at placing the creative economy at the heart of Wallonia’s economic transformation have already been implemented: no less than three university training courses, eight coworking centers, eight ‘Smart Work Centers’, a trends observatory, a support system for bringing innovative prototypes to market (Boost up Creative Industries and Crossmedia), a plan to develop the connectivity of the Walloon territory, and many other actions.

Wallimage will of course participate in this Creativity Week, highlighting one of its most recent hobbyhorses. On November 9, at the initiative of Wallimage Entreprises, a trans-regional meeting (Flanders, Nord-Pas de Calais and Wallonia) will take place at the Pôle Image de Liège with the theme of Crossmedia.

Goals of the operation? To share inspiring experiences, to imagine new developments and bridges of competences that the 3 Regions are likely to set up.
Organized in the form of case studies, this day will be an opportunity to present the projects developed and the experiences accumulated.

The complete program of this week is to be discovered HERE