Dany Boon and Wallimage, a beautiful story of humor.

  • 01.04.2011

A scoop from Sud Radio sets the world on fire. Invited to explain himself live, Philippe Reynaert confirms: yes, Dany Boon ‘s new film will be co-produced by Wallimage.

The speech of a king who has nothing to declare is inspired by the Belgian situation. The credits include Depardieu, Delon, Dujardin, Pierre Richard, Gérard Lanvin as Jean-Claude Marcourt and… Rudy Demotte in his own role…

The information and the interview of the director of Wallimage are to listen HERE .

Friday afternoon, still on Sud Radio, Ministers Demotte and Marcourt confirmed the information. Flash to listen HERE .

Alas, on Saturday, Sud radio admitted that it was indeed an April fool .