Dead Man Talking wins the Magritte for First Film.

  • 20.05.2013

An extension of the official Magritte du cinéma ceremony, this trophy reserved for first feature films was awarded according to a different process: the public was able to vote for twelve films by first-time directors in long format for two and a half months on the official website. More than 3000 votes were registered, proof that some films have real fans who are dying to make them triumph.

At the beginning of May, the André Delvaux Academy revealed the titles of the top three feature films: Dead Man Talking by Patrick Ridremont, Mobile Home by François Pirot and Torpedo by Matthieu Donck. Three films co-financed by Wallimage and Wallimage/Bruxellimage. Three films that revealed new artists with an original vision and a universe of their own. Three filmmakers who want to share their emotions with the widest possible audience… who were therefore not mistaken.

During the voting, each person could choose three films and place them in the first to third positions, awarding 3, 2 and 1 point to these titles. The Magritte of the First Film was finally awarded to Dead Man Talking by Patrick Ridremont, confirming that the public was quick to fall in love with this dramatic fable, definitely atypical, which has already been crowned four times in festival by the audience.