Fluid circulation on the screens

  • 07.09.2015

In concrete terms, the data collected by Coyote, RTBF’s partner for several years, is fed in real time to the visualization tools and virtual animations designed by the Carolo studio.

The viewer can therefore follow the evolution of traffic and incidents on the network in real time.  Before leaving for work, he will now know everything about slowdowns, traffic jams, accidents, works and detour on the Belgian network.

This product, developed for the RTBF, is used in two time slots: during the 6-8 of the One channel with flashes every ten minutes and through a six minutes at 18:50 on the Two channel.

The interactive images are spectacular and are without doubt the most striking thing to be found on European channels today.

Like the 70 weather reports that are recorded every day for RTBF, France Ô, AB3, regional channels or TV5 Monde (more than 240 million households in 200 countries), this new product will undoubtedly be made available to other television stations, which are already very interested in the concept.

If you are not a TV enthusiast and want to see for yourself what Keywall does, you can click on this link which takes you straight to the show Just in time broadcast every weekday in the early evening.

The next time you need to go up to the capital or approach the outskirts of one of the country’s major cities, you know what you have to do.