Get away from it all!

  • 05.04.2013

So far we have discovered the Facebook page (HERE ) and the very voluble Jean-Sol Partre (HERE ), a rather pedantic intellectual, omnipresent on the networks, always on the lookout for a good word to put somewhere.

Recently, another application proposed in the file that received the support of Wallimage is becoming one of the darlings of Facebook. Developed by Creaxial, it allows everyone to… Share. That is to say, to customize one’s face with very strange glasses and a pipe if necessary.

The idea was excellent, but we must admit that the application is also technically amazing. So, it’s a real pleasure to manipulate it and to publish the result of these little tricks on the net. Many have already made it their profile picture. And this is just the beginning.

Between now and the film’s release on April 24, more elements of the device will be released on the net. As the French film press is also jumping on the subject (special issue of Première, cover of So Film…), we can already say that this is one of the most intelligent and best executed promotional campaigns of the year. For what success? We are obviously very curious to see this.

Until then, please leave (HERE ), have fun, let yourself be caressed by the foam of the days.