Harry Cleven troubles the festival of Sitges

  • 24.10.2005

The prestigious Sitges Fantasy Festival ended on October 18. And guess what? Well yes, it is still a Wallimage co-production that has won one of the most important awards. After the triumph ofInnocence in Neuchâtel, Trouble added a silver Méliès to the title it won in Gérardmer, making it, in the eyes of Spanish specialists, the best European fantasy film of the year (see awards).
Very effective, the suspense set up by Harry Cleven obviously reminds us of Hitchcock’s cinema revisited in De Palma’s style, but Dario Argento and De Palma himself have been proving it for more than fifteen years: it is not enough to rely on a good idea to make a great film. The balance of a psychological thriller like this one relies on the mechanics of the script, on the mysterious and stressful atmosphere, and also on the choice and direction of the actors.
His career in specialized festivals confirms it: Trouble succeeds in its mission on all three levels, playing with the codes while managing to surprise the spectator. So yes, let’s admit it, Wallimage is proud to have been associated with this “genre” film from the beginning, thus allowing a Belgian film to clear lands that were until now rather inhospitable for our cinema.
By winning this Silver Méliès, Trouble earns the right to participate in the race for the Golden Méliès, which will be awarded once all the festivals affiliated with this award have chosen their winner. Trouble is the fourth work shortlisted after the claustrophobic Descent, the strange Danish film Strings and The Terror within, adapted from the universe of HP Lovecraft.