How to vote for the Magritte of Cinema

  • 01.10.2010

The Magritte of Cinema will be awarded on February 5, 2011. As in other countries that organize this type of event, it is the professionals of the audiovisual industry who will elect the films, performers, directors and technicians who will become legends by winning the first trophies in history.

To participate in both rounds of voting, you must be a member of the André Delvaux Academy .

Who can join the Academy? All those who work in the audiovisual industry and have participated in a feature film or a short film in the last five years: directors, producers, actors, set technicians, but also all those who work in the field, in service companies related to cinema (post production, tax shelter, etc.)…

Registration costs 75 euros per year (including VAT) and entitles the holder to a fabulous boxed set of all the films nominated for the Magritte of the year. This year, there are about 45 of them. Something to spend the fall in the warmth.

If you think you meet the criteria, just follow this link to register. Don’t miss this opportunity to express yourself.