In Cannes, Wallimage provokes the crossmedia debate

  • 15.05.2013

The theme? Obvious! When CrossMedia promotes Cinema. In English please, international audience obliges.

Two CrossMedia companies will be confronted with the results of a consumer study conducted by Aegis Media, one of the largest media agencies in Europe. The aim of the meeting is to understand why CrossMedia campaigns have become indispensable for the promotion of films and how to further increase their effectiveness.

The speakers will be Philippe Reynaert, Chief Executive Officer – Wallimage, Bruno Liesse, Chief Marketing Officer – Aegis Media Belgium, Nicolas Bataille General Manager – Creaxial(Once upon a time, L’écume des jours…) and Domenico La Porta, General Manager – Kweb(Bye Bye Blondie, Le Magasin des Suicides…)