In the East, something new

  • 14.02.2019

1946. As the defeated Japan left Indonesia, the Dutch army was confronted by local forces determined to end the Oranje’s colonial rule. Johan, a young soldier waiting on site, is fascinated by the arrival of Captain Westerling, a charismatic character who takes the young recruits in hand. Little by little the man creates a united group, ready to follow him in all the actions that will be imposed to them by The Hague. But soon Johan comes to doubt that he is on the right side of history.

Little documented in our country, this episode of the history of our neighbors will be highlighted inThe East, a feature film directed by the impressive Jim Taihuttu (also a famous DJ), who reunites here with Marwan Kenzari, the main actor of Wolf, his previous film.

This intense scenario should logically result in a striking film that will not evade the troubled behavior of the Netherlands in Indonesia where the film is currently being shot.

In Belgium, it is Benoît Roland (Wrong Men) which supports Julius Ponten and Sander Verdonk (New Amsterdam Film Company) and Shanty Harmayn Hofman (Salto Films), the Dutch and Indonesian producers, and has received enthusiastic support from Wallimage. Part of the team involved here is Walloon, as well as the entire post-production (except for the image editing). The sound post-production will take place at Studio l’Equipe Wallonie and at Genval les Dames for the sound effects. VFX will be handled by Benuts.