Magritte du Premier Film: two out of three for regional funds

  • 25.01.2014

This year, seven works of fiction were on the starting line. As last year, the André Delvaux Academy decided to “nominate” the three feature films that received the most votes in the voting. There is no second round. So, they know the winner, but are keeping it hidden for now in a tantalizing trio.
Is it BXL/USA, The Bag of Flour orA Song for My Mother?

The last two films are once again co-financed by Wallimage and Bruxellimage, proof that novelty has never been a negative element for the board of directors that chooses the projects to support during the financing sessions.

More seen in theaters than its competitors, A Song for My Mother seems to be the logical favorite of the event, but since the public was able to view the other two features during the entire voting period, the predictions remain very open.