Mons, Virtual city

  • 21.10.2010

As TechnocITé promotes the use of technology by organizing events related to technological innovation, it is natural that it surrounds itself with the best specialists in the relevant fields. Managed by a team of 20 professionals, TechnocITé relies on a network of 80 trainers from the private sector, recognized specialists in audiovisual, multimedia, computer and telecommunications techniques. The result? 7,000 people trained in 2008 from 5 days to 6 months, 200,000 hours of training provided and a placement rate of 85% for qualifying training. In 2009, 350 courses were available, 100 of which were new or updated, 50 of which were related to digital media.

With such an outstanding CV, one is bound to take an interested look at the TechnocITé installation
in the Initialis park where he will further diversify his fields of expertise. In Mons, TechnocITé shares the former Telindus building with the Microsoft Innovation Center and an upcoming business incubator.

For four years, the training operator has been encouraging young people to try their hand at modern information technology. The four new courses are in line with this logic. They are fun, but above all they provide jobs. We will approach serious gaming, digital archiving, digital signage and the virtual studio. TechnocITé is the only Belgian training center with this equipment. This allows him to offer training covering all the stages of a television show: creation of sets, lighting, integration of people, or animation of a virtual character.

And it is precisely this information that leads to Wallimage since it is the technology of the Walloon company Neuro TV, partner of the Walloon investment fund, that is used by the competence center. The expression “everything is in everything and vice versa” has never been so topical. In a word, this is also called: consistency!