New for 2013: crossmedia is evolving, and so is the mixed line.

  • 19.12.2012

The new regulations are downloadable in pdf on the website in their French version and very soon in Dutch and English.

For the crossmedia line, click HERE
For the Wallimage/Bruxellimage line HERE

1. Wallimage/Bruxellimage

The famous provision that required a 10% balance in technical industry spending between Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region has disappeared from the eligibility calculation!

This search for equity in economic benefits between the 2 regions that make up the Fund is replaced by a request to balance the GLOBAL budget with a maximum difference of 15%.

This means, for those who are not too familiar with our system, that if the proposed budget in one of our three sessions is very unbalanced, we take into consideration all the eligible expenses in the region least favored by a file and only accept as eligible that same amount + 15% for the other region.

Since this calculation, which is broader than before, is now done in a global way, it will be easier to build a budget taking into account the artistic and logistic reality of your project.

In addition, the maximum amount of co-financing is increased from €200,000 to €300,000 in the mixed line, which makes it more attractive. Good news, right?

2. Wallimage CrossMedia

The Digital Promotion and Digital Extension axes are merged. The specific session in August is therefore over. Applications for this merged axis can now be submitted during the 3 Wallimage sessions of the year.
Therefore, for 2013, the discounts will take place on January 28, June 10 and September 30.

This new provision has two big advantages: it is no longer necessary to try to separate promotion from extension (extension has always been promotion in itself). And from now on, all films co-financed by Wallimage and Wallimage/Bruxellimage can be the subject of a grant application.

The grants awarded will be up to 50.000€. But adaptations are still possible for extremely ambitious files such as those that generated the digital campaigns of The Spiral or Lazarus/Mirage, for example.

The Digital Experience axis initiated this year is also evolving. It is now limited to one call for projects per year, conducted jointly with Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Flanders under the generic name of Interactive Experiences. The idea here is also to make things as simple as possible!

If you are a producer and one of your films has already been co-financed by Wallimage or Wallimage/Bruxellimage, it is time to sharpen your file to make it unavoidable.

Happy holidays 😉