New in 2013: Crossmedia evolves, the mixed investment line as well

  • 19.12.2012

The new sets of rules can be downloaded from our site in .pdf version. As for now, only the French version is available but the Dutch and English translations will follow soon.

For Crossmedia, click HERE

For Wallimage/Bruxellimage click HERE

1. Wallimage/Bruxellimage

The calculation of eligibility no longer contains the famous measure demanding a balance, give or take 10%, between the equal parts of the expense in technical industry in the Walloon Region and the Brussels Capital Region.

The need for a balance in economic fallout between the two regions the Fund serves, has been replaced by a demand for a balance in the GLOBAL budget with a maximum difference of 15%.

For those not entirely familiar with our system, this means that when a budget submitted during one of our investment rounds is very unbalanced, that we will take into account all eligible expenses in the region least favoured in the bid, and will only accept this sum as eligible + 15% for the other region.

Since the calculation, which is broader than it used to be, will now happen on a global level, it will be easier to draw a budget while taking the economic an artistic reality of your project into account.

Also, the upper limit for co-financing has been raised from €200,000 to €300,000 for the mixed investment line, which will only make it more attractive. Good news to start the new year, no?

2. Wallimage CrossMedia

The branches Digital Promotion and Digital Extension have been merged. This means the specific investment session held in August is cancelled. Bids for this merged branch can now be submitted during the 3 Wallimage sessions scheduled throughout the year. For 2013, this means deadlines fall on 28th January, 10th June and 30th September.

These new measures have two big advantages: it is no longer necessary to discern between promotion and extension (extension already being a form of promotion in itself). Now, all films co-financed by Wallimage and Wallimage/Bruxellimage will be able to request an aid.

The grants have a maximum amount up to €50,000. However, this can be adapted in case of exceptionally ambitious bids such as those for the digital campaigns led by The Spiral or Lazarus/Mirage, to cite an example.

The Digital Experience branch also evolves. Now, there will only be one call for projects per year, together with the regions of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Flanders, under the generic name Interactive Experiences. The idea here is too also simplify matters!

If you are a film producer and one of your films has been co-financed by Wallimage or Wallimage/Bruxellimage, it is time to sharpen your bid until we can’t look past it.

Happy Holidays 😉