Nothing to declare? Yes, it is! Wallimage is 10 years old !

  • 11.01.2011

Since 2001, the whole Walloon audiovisual sector has been transformed. With Wallimage and probably a little thanks to Wallimage. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Walloon fund was able to benefit from a great media event: the very first Belgian screening of Nothing to declarethe new film by (and with) Dany Boon starring a Benoît Poelvoorde stunning, but also Bouli Lanners, François Damiens, Karin Viard, Olivier Gourmet and a good dozen actors in a state of grace at the Franco-Belgian comedy of the decade. Yes, yes, definitely. Philippe Reynaert has already promised to eat his famous white glasses if this irresistible avalanche of soon-to-be cult scenes, co-produced in Belgium by Scope Pictures, does not become the biggest success in the history of Wallimage within three months. The bar is set at 5 million admissions and let’s face it, at less than 10 million, we would be a little disappointed…
So, yes, the V of victory is a must. Happy birthday, Wallimage.