Red Star Line on TV

  • 21.03.2014

The documentary series Red Star Line delivers a mosaic of human destinies of these men and women who left everything behind in search of the American dream. Through their moving audio testimonies and in the company of their descendants in the United States, we discover the reasons why these Europeans decided to leave the continent. We accompany their journey to Antwerp, their crossing by boat and the shock of arriving in America.

Produced by Off World and Eklektik and co-financed by Wallimage/Bruxellimage, this documentary is declined in a feature film and a series of three 52-minute episodes.
The 90-minute film will be broadcast this Friday, March 21, on RTBF at 10:40 pm in the series “Retour aux sources” (Back to the roots), which has just offered us the series “Apocalypse, la 1re guerre mondiale”. The documentary series by Daniel Cattier and Fabio Wuytack will be broadcast in bursts on March 31 on La Trois, starting at 9:05 pm

Red Star Line Trailer – French version from Frederik Nicolai on Vimeo.