Regional specificities form the European identity.

  • 29.05.2017

For Philippe Reynaert, this is an opportunity to meet every year with all the heads of European regional funds gathered within CineRegio, a particularly active and essential association for coordinating the action of the regions within an increasingly centralized Europe.

“CineRegio is a powerful advocate of Europe where cultural diversity must be seen as an opportunity and an engine for growth, employment and creativity,” say the members of the association in a press release written at the end of the important Board of Directors held during the 70th edition of the Festival. “This creative system should therefore be celebrated and defended. Including by the European institutions in Brussels.”

However, and this is where the problem lies, Europe seems determined to impose a single digital market that would call into question all cultural specificities, including regional ones.

“It’s extremely concerning,” says Charlotte Applegren, the association’s general secretary. “This sadly demonstrates that the European institutions do not understand the film financing eco-system.”

This is a serious matter and the debates to come will be as numerous as they are passionate.

To close on a much more positive note, let us nevertheless point out that this general assembly was the occasion to see the director of Wallimage re-elected to the board of directors of the association of which he was one of the five founders and twice president. An association whose members have co-financed 36 of the films selected for the festival this year. This is enough to say how crucial they are. Champion of regional cooperation. Zombillenium is even supported by three of these funds: the Grand Est Region (FR), the Nouvelle-Aquitaine (FR) and, of course, Wallimage. Cock-a-doodle-doo!