Summer Mirages on RTBF

  • 13.06.2012

Mirages? A project co-financed by Wallimage/Bruxellimage that aims to promote skeptical thinking, doubt and rationalism in the face of beliefs and manipulations. The most classic axis is a duo of documentaries that will be broadcast on June 14 and 21 on La Une and on the web as well.

Directed by Lazarus, the two documentaries were co-written by Patric Jean and Henri Broch, physicist, professor at the University of Nice and author of numerous works on zetetics (science of doubt). In these two episodes, Lazarus intends to educate the general public to skepticism and reason by questioning beliefs, superstitions, the paranormal or miracles. It submits so-called unexplained phenomena to the critical gaze of scientists, physicists, chemists, doctors, but also sociologists and psychologists.

June 14 at 10:50 p.m. on La Une and at 8 p.m. on the Web in streaming: Mirages – The powers of the mind
They walk on fire, bend spoons from a distance, find lost objects with a pendulum or water with a dowsing rod or predict your future… They claim that their spirit has power over matter and that they are the cause of unexplained phenomena. Lazarus and his scientist friends test them with doubt.

June 21 at 10:50 p.m. and at 8 p.m. on the Web in streaming: Mirages – Religious miracles
The Holy Shroud, the liquefaction of the blood of St. January, the weeping virgins… Why do religious miracles still attract crowds and television coverage? What are the alternative explanations for these phenomena? Faced with believing scientists and the Cardinal of Naples, and supported by archival footage, Lazarus and his skeptical friends put miracles to the test of the scientific method and dismantle the mechanisms of our credulity about miracles.

To extend the experience on the web, visit :
Internet users will discover video files, extracts from the documentaries as well as interviews with scientists. On June 14 and 21, Lazarus will meet them at 8pm to preview the documentaries and chat live with him. As this project has no borders, these documentaries will be visible on the RTBF website in France as well.