The Belgian audiovisual sector amazes the Americans.

  • 23.06.2013

On the menu, for example, a visit of the Disney studios, punctuated by a meeting in very small committee with the big boss of the places; meeting in which took part Léon Perahia (Dreamwall) who represented for the occasion the whole Belgian industry.

Jean-Claude Marcourt, Minister of Wallimage, does wonders to promote Walloon audiovisual! Like allowing Leon Perahia, the Mr. Audiovisual of the Dupuis group, to meet Bob Iger, the head of Walt Disney, in the company of Prince Philippe.

Another highlight that will remain in the memory: a trip to George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic (ILM ) studios, which led to a long discussion with three of the company’s top managers during which all the Belgian participants were able to explain their approach and their assets. A discussion that did not leave the American specialists indifferent and they went back to their department with some cards in hand.

The delegation also had the opportunity to discover Google’ s offices in depth and, above all, to share their experiences with the cream of American decision-makers in the film industry, representing five majors and a dozen independent producers. This seminar aimed at highlighting the specificities and assets of the companies present, but also the different financial mechanisms that could allow the acceleration of collaborations between the Belgian and American cinemas.

As luck would have it, this meeting took place at the very moment when European producers were negotiating to have the principle of the cultural exception accepted and the withdrawal of cinema from the free trade agreements between Europe and the United States.

The outcome of this mission is largely positive for the companies that participated, most of them having established fruitful contacts with their hosts from across the Atlantic. You can find a detailed article on the audiovisual aspect of the princely mission by Frédéric Brébant in the June 20 issue of Trends Tendance, still available in bookstores. You can download ithere .

The journalist also dissected the impact of this mission in a program broadcast on Canal Z.