The Cannes Film Festival will present to the world The New Testament

  • 21.04.2015

After Toto the Hero in 1991, which won him the Camera d’Or, this is the Belgian filmmaker’s big return to the section that launched his career. Jaco had of course also shone in the official selection in 1996 with The Eighth Day and its two interpretation prizes for Pascal Duquenne and Daniel Auteuil.

Jaco co-wrote the screenplay of this fourth feature film (in 25 years!), with Thomas Gunzig. The two partners tackle an almost banal story of a daughter’s revenge against her tyrannical father. A simple plot… except for the identity of the central protagonist: God.

Because yes, God exists. Besides, he lives in Brussels. In his rotten apartment overlooking the city, he behaves in an obnoxious way with… his daughter, Ea. Before running away, the girl hacks into her divine father’s computer and posts the date of death of all humans online. This was enough to cause a general shock.

God then sets out to find him through the city and discovers the horror of this world that he has created, but that he knows so little about.


Benoît Poelvoorde plays God, while Yolande Moreau plays his wife and the young and talented Pili Groyne(Two Days, One Night, Alleluia) their 11 year old daughter.

The other roles are played by Catherine Deneuve, François Damiens, Romain Gelin, Marco Lorenzini, Laura Verlinden(Image, Ben X), Johan Leysen(The American, The verdict) and Johan Heldenbergh(The Broken Circle Breakdown/Alabama Monroe).

An Pierlé composed the original music for the film. This is not her first attempt as she had already signed the soundtrack ofEldorado by Bouli Lanners.


Produced by Terra Incognita Films, Climax Films and Caviar in Belgium, Après le Déluge in France and Juliette Films in Luxembourg, Le Tout Nouveau Testament was supported by Wallimage, but also by the Centre du Cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, RTBF, Casa Kafka, Voo-Betv, Belga Films Fund, VAF, Screen Flanders, Fortis film fund and Orange Studio.

The brand new Testament will be distributed here by Belga films in the fall and in France by Le Pacte, which will also handle international sales.