The divine child is born!

  • 19.12.2018

After more than 13 years of good and loyal services, the 1.0 site of Wallimage revitalized at the beginning of the decade by Messier111, has just disappeared from the Web. No need to shed a tear ! It has largely met our expectations during these long years. Such longevity must even constitute a record of its kind. Today, it no longer meets the current standards and we have been aware for many months that a successor was needed.

Its replacement is a little gem, imagined and designed by Big Bad Wolf. The Genval company won a call for tender and worked for many months with the Wallimage team to provide the most ergonomic and dynamic setting possible for the essential information on the Walloon audiovisual industry that you regularly come to us for.

As you will see, Wallimage Entreprises has finally found a place of choice in our digital showcase, while Wallimage Tournages, which now integrates the various Walloon reception offices within Wallimage, will also have an information platform that matches the work done by its incredible team. Note that this part is still under construction and will obviously be expanded in the coming months with, for example, the provision of a database of Walloon scenery.

At the launch of this site, three immediate attractions for Internet users.

By clicking on the links in this text, you can discover without delay the article detailing the winners of the last session of 2018 while the professionals will learn about the 2019 session calendar  and, above all, the any new regulations of Wallimage Coproductions, The result of several years of careful observation of the realities in the field and six months of in-depth work with professionals in the sector.

Do not hesitate to browse the impressive list of works co-financed by Wallimage over the years : all the films and series already released or whose release date has been announced are listed. The list will be completed week by week. Discover also the companies currently supported by Wallimage Entreprises, the whole Wallimage team, a retrospective of our best graphic communications, etc…

So many opportunities to test this new site which can be consulted on a computer as well as on a tablet or a smartphone. And this is also new.

Have a good surf !