The Fourneau Saint Michel welcomes an international filming

  • 01.09.2016

Such a quiet location, but in the immediate vicinity of cities such as St. Hubert and Rochefort, has a solid cinematographic potential… which did not escape the producers of Good Favor, a feature film of Irish initiative which will thus highlight, in a spectacular way, this tourist site. The initiative was launched at a press conference last week.

Photo : Maxime Dechamps (Clap)

For the second time, the Irish of Savage Film decided to collaborate with Benoit Roland(Wrong Men). After Pilgrimage, a period film in costumes that needed large forests to make us believe in ancestral Ireland, it is a contemporary film that the two men have undertaken together. Contemporary, but very offbeat.

We follow a small isolated Christian community, living according to the precepts of the past century, which is suddenly confronted with a serious crisis of faith. The isolated inhabitants of the world will regain hope with the arrival of a mysterious young man with, perhaps, supernatural powers. The film will explore the effects of religion on a community, its many contradictions and moral ambiguities and the danger of misinterpretation or fundamentalism.

Philippe Reynaert with Conor Barry and Benoit Roland, the two producers

Belgian shooting obliges, many Walloon technicians are at work on this film. An exceptional work of decoration was carried out these last six weeks on the site so that the buildings present take the shape wished by the director, Rebecca Daly (besides the first Irish director of the history to turn a3rd feature film). Specialist Igor Gabriel led the work, supervised on site by Paul Roushop. Fine team.

Part of the cast is Irish-Scandinavian, but Vincent Romeo, the young lead actor is a Belgian who is still unknown to the public and many Walloon actors will appear in secondary roles. Not to mention nearly 200 extras who will populate the Fourneau St Michel and the surrounding area during the five weeks and four days of shooting.
The icing on the cake is that several stages of post-production will also be carried out in our region