The Pôle Image de Liège grows with Wallimage Entreprises

  • 20.12.2010

Entirely reconsidered in 2010, the profile of the Pôle Image de Liège was substantially upscaled. The goal: become a staple in the audiovisual landscape, a place where collaborations are favoured between all the enterprises joining it and which attracts important projects in Belgium or from abroad, to boost the individual and regional economies. In this light, it was a natural step for Wallimage Entreprises to enter the capital of the Pôle Image last summer; they will also give strategic counsel.

The vision the Walloon fund went with was to double the capital of the Pôle, bringing it to €2 million. Wallimage Entreprises brought €275,000 to the company. Two out of three of the present stakeholders then doubled their share: Invest Minguet Gestion brought in an additional €500,000 and the public holding Meusinvest injected €225,000. At this point, the capital of the Pôle Image is divided like this: Invest Minguet Gestion (50%), Meusinvest (22,50%), Wilhelm & Co (13,75%) and Wallimage Entreprises (13,75%).

The reason for this substantial raise of the capital was mainly to finance infrastructure works. Even if the Pôle Image, as a federation of companies, has been active for several years, it became essential to integrate its different parts into one multifunctional, accessible, practical and attractive space; a space also where it would be possible to welcome new talent capable of completing a complementary modular offer. This creation, which is in the finishing phase, was inaugurated on Friday.

As featured in l’Écho , on 20 August: “There is a certain logic to Wallimage’s arrival: the public fund wants to support producers who film in Wallonia and therefore work with local audiovisual companies. This pays off: each film Wallimage aids spends on average three times more in the local audiovisual industry than what the Region injected.”

At this point, 21 companies decided to set up in the PIL’s new buildings. We find locomotives such as XDC (known internationally for its work in digital cinema), FX (a specialist in post-production and special effects), TWIST (animation and organisation of events),Sonicville (sound studio) and Nozon (animation studio currently working on Minuscule II, as well as Memnon (digitalisation of audiovisual archives), Picture Factory (animation studio for children’s films), (archiving), TSF, Cetemi and Eye-Lite Group (material rental and sale), Connect-On (event planning), Jim et Jules (production), Unicap (TV concepts and production) and YAKAFaire (graphic design, e-commerce).
Just recently other companies decided to join them: Defimedia (web agency), See&Touch (interactive terminals), Instele (conception of management programmes) and Aftertouch, a company which makes cutting edge promotional videos have confirmed their move.
But the PIL also inspires new callings, an example being the creation of Picture Factory, an animation studio, part of the Luxembourgian company La Fabrique d’Images, employing 60 graphic designers and animators already.

The proximity of these actors makes it possible to do business among themselves. Their development will also receive a boost from a Tax-Shelter department which will constantly be looking for financing for the film producers while institutional structures such as Wallimage Entreprises and Meusinvest can provide them with adequate advice.

Today, all is put in place and soon this busy hive will buzz with activity all day. And even all night.
Thanks to this set-up, the Pôle Image de Liège, firmly planted in the heart of Wallonia, Belgium and Europe, is capable of offering its international customers an exceptional, integrated and very performing offer.

Hard to find any flaw in this plan!