The image center of Liege grows, with Wallimage Entreprises

  • 20.12.2010

Entirely redesigned in 2010, the profile of the Pôle Image de Liège has been considerably raised. Objective: to become an essential place capable of encouraging collaboration between all the companies that choose to join it and to attract important projects, both Belgian and foreign, to boost the individual and regional economies. In this perspective, as we know since this summer, Wallimage Entreprises has quite naturally entered the capital of the Pôle Image which it will also advise strategically.

The vision to which the Walloon fund adhered was to double the capital of the Pole by bringing it to 2 million Euros. Wallimage Entreprises therefore injected 275,000 Euros into the company. Two of the three shareholders already present doubled their stake: Invest Minguet contributed 500,000 new euros and the public holding Meusinvest put 225,000 euros on the table. Currently, the capital of Pôle Image is distributed as follows: Invest Minguet Gestion (50%), Meusinvest (22,50%), Wilhelm & Co (13,75%) and Wallimage Entreprises (13,75%).

The purpose of this substantial capital increase was primarily to finance infrastructure works. Because if the Pôle Image, as a federation of companies, has already been active for several years, it was essential to integrate its different components into a multifunctional, accessible, practical and attractive space; a space likely to welcome some additional talents capable of completing a complementary modular offer. It is precisely this realization, in the process of completion, which was inaugurated on Friday.

As stated in the Echo The arrival of Wallimage has a certain logic: this public fund aims to provide aid to producers who shoot in Wallonia and who therefore use local audiovisual companies. Not without success: each film supported by Wallimage spends on average 3 times more in the local audiovisual industry than what the Region has injected.”

To date, 21 companies have decided to move into the new LIP buildings. We find there in particular locomotives like XDC (international reference in the field of digital cinema), FX (post-production and special effects specialist), the Twist (animation and organization of events), Sonicville (sound studio) or Nozon (animation studio working on Minuscule II), but also Memnon (digitization of audiovisual archives), Picture Factory (children’s film animation studio), (archiving), FST, Cetemi and Eye-Lite Group (equipment rental and sales), Connect-On (event organization), Jim et Jules (production), Unicap (TV concepts and production) or YAKAFaire (computer graphics, e-commerce).
Recently, other companies have joined the pack: Defimedia (web agency), See&Touch (interactive kiosks), Instele (management program design) and Aftertouch, a company that makes cutting-edge promotional videos have indeed confirmed their arrival. The PIL also inspires vocations, as shown by the birth of Picture Factory, an animation studio, an offshoot of the Luxembourg company La Fabrique d’Images, which employs 60 computer graphics artists and animators in Luxembourg.

The proximity of all these actors will certainly allow them to do business with each other. Their development will also be boosted by a Tax-Shelter department that will constantly seek financing for film producers, while institutional structures such as Wallimage Entreprises or Meusinvest will be able to provide them with adequate advice.

Everything is now in place and soon the entrepreneurial hive will be buzzing from morning to night. Even 24 hours a day. Thus configured, the Pôle Image de Liège, solidly established in the heart of Wallonia, Belgium and Europe, is able to offer its international clients an exceptional, integrated and highly efficient service. Difficult to catch out.