The results of the first “Interactive Experiences” Transregional Fund

  • 02.10.2014

The Nord Pas-de-Calais and Wallonia share a long history, especially when it comes to co-productions.

Pictanovo and Wallimage have a broad experience with financing animated films or pilots. In 2014, both regional funds gave a real transregional dimension to the “Interactive Experiences” programme, set up by Pictanovo and co-financed by Wallimage since two years.

The “Interactive Experiences” fund, the first French regional fund, guides companies which experiment with concepts and genres that are doing away with preconceived ideas in the cultural and image industries.
The first laureates of the “Interactive Experiences” Transregional Fund:
On 25th September, the transregional jury met to determine which projects would receive support.

Four were selected :

Canteen Monsters / CCCP – FishingCactus
Canteen Monsters is a Tower Defense type of game, divided into two complementary games, one for PC, on for smartphones, which share a common universe: a primary school needing to be defended against the invasion of crazy monsters from the canteen.
Canteen Monsters is original because of its “split” concept: the experience is enjoyable on both complementary platforms and the player can share scores from one game to the other.

Allotted amount: €95,000

What the Fake : Selfies?! / Bookinspired

Between January and April 2014, the RTBF allowed 150 adolescents to speak up thanks to twelve participative and interactive webisodes and an online experience called What the fake!? From this, a reactive community with over 32401 fans (among which 70% are adolescents) on Facebook emerged, and the episodes have been viewed on Youtube over 60,000 times.

Supported by this emergent (and rebellious) community, the documentary Whatthefake – SELFIES!?, entirely filmed with phones (or webcams), wants to build upon the reactivity, the creativity, the need to be heard and the hyperconnectivity present in this community.

As the first participative documentary, What the fake – SELFIES!? will show without taboos how young people today communicate and will last 52’.
Allotted amount: €40,000

Crimes et châtiments / Novak Prod

Crimes et châtiments is an interactive immersion experience centred around the problems of life after prison. The serious game makes it possible for users to play the role of a prisoner and start the scripted, laborious process of applying for probation.

The authors want to change the mindsets and do away with prejudice and judgments, going as far as to formulate concrete propositions in the form of a white book published on a platform to play, express oneself and exchange thoughts on the subject.

Allotted amount: €35,000

M. et Mme Flash / Les Films du Tambour de Soie

During the thirties, the “Marabout flash” guides were the encyclopedia of modernity.

M. et Mme Flash is a webseries, consisting of 12 episodes of 3 minutes each, 12 flash fictions and 12 collaborative drawings, which takes a humorous yet sharp stab at our daily dreams of modernity and perfection, led by one question: what does success mean today? This very vintage humoristic series dissects web trends and reveals the most influential obsessions reigning in our hyperconnected society.

Allotted amount: €75,000

The composition of the « Interactive Experiences » Transregional Jury.

Laure Casalini, head of Supinfogame Rubika
Christophe Chaillou, Responsible for Innovation, Pictanovo
Jean-Baptiste Dumont, Transmedia screenwriter
Alexander Knetig, responsible for interactive programmes at ARTE
Jean-François Raskin, Director de l’IHECS
Philippe Reynaert, general manager of Wallimage
Marianne Riguaux, multimedia journalist
Virginie Vandeputte, responsible for the Creative Wallonia fund

Meet the team responsible for the “Interactive Experiences” Transregional Fund and some of the winners on 8th October at 4.15PM, during the Namur International Francophone Film Festival.

Philippe Reynaert (Wallimage) and Philippe Fréville (Pictanovo) will share the results of the first edition of the “Interactive Experiences” Transregional Fund.
It will be an opportunity to discover the euroregional diversity, creativity and talent (some of the winners will be present to share their projects) and raise awareness about the next edition scheduled for 2015.

More information about the “Interactive Experiences” Transregional Fund can be found HERE and HERE .

8th October 2014: Eurotransmedia Consortium at the Namur Film Festival

The “Interactive Experiences” Transregional Fund is financed by Pictanovo, the Nord Pas-de-Calais region, Creative Wallonia and Wallimage Cross Media.