There are now eight pilots in Wallonia

  • 10.04.2017

During this first session, the Board of Directors voted to support 5 extremely diverse pilot projects: “The Big Family” (WH Media), “Do we have to learn this for the exam?” (Stromboli/De Mensen), “For Men Only” (Snark), “Heads or Tails” (Everlasting) and “Ego” (Medianext). That is to say 3 games and 2 talk shows for which RTL and RTBF had already expressed their interest.

One of these winners has in the meantime experienced an even more exciting development than expected: RTL imagined turning the pilot of “Do we have to learn this for the exam?” into a real program to be broadcast in prime time. Stromboli/De Mensen represented the project at the second session recently organized by Wallimage, hoping for a slightly larger investment, combined for the occasion with an intervention from RTL.

After examining this redesigned dossier and seven others proposed by six production companies, the Board agreed to embark on this expansion of original commitment and chose to co-finance three new and very attractive projects: “Le JT de l’histoire”, brought by Nexus Factory, “Squat” by Wajnbrosse and “Goto” by Kaos.

There are now eight pilots in development with the support of Wallimage. Hence the poster that opens this article, unveiled at the recent MIPTV in Cannes, during a conference/meeting planned by the Media program and featuring the Walloon regional fund.