Traveling forward for Cinetec

  • 09.12.2010

Exceptional? Yes, because the characteristics of the vehicle allow it to perform exceptionally well: the buggy is very low, its width gives it a good “seat” and ensures its stability. It is fast and equipped with an automatic gearbox: thanks to its variomatic system, the sensation of shifting gears disappears. Its top speed exceeds 100km/h and to avoid camera vibrations and allow a very good road handling, it is equipped with “road” tires without rollers.

Made of 50mm aluminum tubes, its frame can accommodate customized structures to meet the needs of directors. While guaranteeing maximum safety. Another subtlety: the pilot and his passenger are in the prone position. As a result, the camera can rotate more than 180° without its field of view being obstructed.

The various camera placement points are provided by a front, rear, top and bottom bracket. A platform layout is provided for the front, rear and sides as well as integrated camera mounts on each.

If you want to get a better idea of the possibilities of the vehicle, you can visualize the Buggy Travelling in action and find its characteristics on the website . The photo albums are visible Here .

It goes without saying that the expenses incurred at Cinétec are eligible for the Wallimage/Bruxellimage mixed fund.