Vigo Universal opens a huge virtual reality center in Liege

  • 02.12.2019

On October 24, Vigo Universal announced on its Facebook page the end of a successful crowdfunding campaign, with the raising of the last funds needed to launch the first hyper virtual reality center in Belgium. Named Hollloh, the new center will offer a permanent space dedicated to new technologies, developing virtual worlds on several hundred square meters, with dozens of people simultaneously. It will soon open its doors in an emblematic place of audiovisual and multimedia, the Pôle Image de Liège (PIL).


Four years ago, Wallimage Entreprises became an official investor of Vigo by participating in the raising of one million euros for the development of the virtual reality and 3D scanning sectors. At the same time, Vigo launched its Replication Center 2.0 in Namur, to the delight of its fans. In addition to its 3D printing and scanning products, which had made its reputation, the company presented its innovative 3DBody scan and a series of immersive experiences using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and CNC (computer-controlled machine tools). The visitors will remember their flight over Namur for a long time !

Since then, Vigo Universal has continued to expand its activities, experience and expertise in the field of new technologies. Today, it has an impressive catalog of exclusive virtual reality applications and games, as well as software that it owns, since it develops them itself in its own studio. These assets allow him to launch this large-scale project at PIL. Entirely dedicated to the world of 3D, the new virtual reality arcade will have the particularity of welcoming individuals and professionals, bringing together entertainment, training and e-sports in an unprecedented way, and combining inter-connection between experiences and social interactivity. In addition to a huge hyper virtual reality space (600m2), the center will offer other multiplayer and collaborative gaming experiences, a VR cinema, single player gaming stations and private lounges; but also serious game type training, simulations for professionals (firemen, police), and team building possibilities. Experiences will be paid for, but admission will be free.

From this ultra innovative concept, based on a thorough study of individual and professional needs in virtual reality and made possible by unusual skills and impressive dynamism, Vigo hopes to create… a pilot. Because his ambition does not stop there: the ultimate goal is to extend the concept in Europe, to interconnect a set of virtual reality centers around the world and to finally compete with the largest American and Australian virtual reality centers.

Wallimage is admiring, and financial partner of the center whose opening will be announced soon on Facebook. While waiting impatiently for the next inauguration of Hollloh, we can only encourage you to follow its development on Facebook @hollloh, and on the website