Wallimage/Bruxellimage ends 2015 on a high note !

  • 01.10.2015

With their excellent romantic, humanistic and delicate comedy Tamara, Sylvain Godlberg and Serge de Poucques from Nexus Factory have proven their outstanding skill at developing French-Belgian co-productions. Significant film expenditures will be made in Belgium. Written by Alexandre Castagnetti, the film is an adaption from the eponymous comic strip published by Editions Dupuis, carrying with it a promise of success !


The no less talented Scope Pictures presented an unmissable project temporarily named Docteur Kinshasa.  This is truly a Belgian Affair!  Shot in Wallonia, featuring a Belgian actor in the leading role, with a majority of Belgian technicians on set and the bulk of the post-production in our region… On top of this, a fine script telling the story of French rapper Kamini’s father, a doctor who immigrated to a small town in the North of France.

The next project, Grave, will be filmed in Wallonia as well. This Frakas co-production is based on an innovative scenario about a vegetarian woman who suddenly changes her eating habits and experiments with new pleasures. This first feature film by director Julia Ducournau definitely goes against current trends.

Another Frakas co-production has been selected by the Board. Souvenir, the very creative second feature of director Bavo Defurne, tells the story of an ex- female singer who had competed in the Eurovision Song contest in the 70’s. She falls in love with the young man who helps her return to the stage. The surprising, promising cast features well-known French actress Isabelle Huppert and 2015 Cesar Winner Kevin Azais. Seven days of shooting and the bulk of post-production will take place in Belgium, both in the Brussels and the Walloon regions.

For the first time, Wallimage/ Bruxellimage will co-finance a feature film by filmmakers Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani, well-known for Amer (2011) and The Strange Color of your Body’s Tear (2013). The couple of filmmakers come back with a film noir this time, shot in 16mm and produced by Anonymes films.


Panache and La Compagnie cinematographique came with a hilarious project. The feature film Grand Froid, by first-time French director Gérard Pautonnier, is adapted from a Joel Egoff’s book. The production meets all the criteria for selection: a solid casting leaded by French actors Arthur Dupont and Jean-Pierre Bacri, 10 days of shooting in Wallonia, 5 days in Brussels and the majority of postproduction taking place in Belgium.

This time, only one TV series has been greenlighted by the Board: Code 229, presented by Everlasting Prod. The four episodes, to be broadcasted by Belgian channels RTL/ TVI, are about four murders… each told from the victim’s point of view. A four-star technical team, a 100% Belgian cast will work together on this project directed by Sammy Fransquet. Postproduction will take place 50/50 in Wallonia and in Brussels.

Seven amazing projects we can’t wait to discover!

Note the next Wallimage (100% Walloon) session open to the Belgian producers will be held on November 9.