Wallimage/Bruxellimage concludes 2015 with the session of all records

  • 01.10.2015

Head of this session, Tamara confirms without any ambiguity that Nexus factory masters totally the codes of the French-Belgian co-production. Among the many films they accompany in the field and behind the scenes, Sylvain Goldberg and Serge de Poucques have once again chosen the one that best reflects the philosophy of the regional funds. The amount of money spent in Belgium on this adaptation of the successful Dupuis comic book is very important and, to top it all, the script, written by Alexandre Castagnetti who recently signed Le Grimoire d’Arkandias, is as clever as it is enticing. The general public should appreciate this romantic, humanistic, tender and generational comedy. We take bets.


On a similar production canvas, Scope Pictures rarely presents a project that slips through the cracks of regional funds. Doctor Kinshasa (working title that could become Marly Gomont) is the kind of proposal “you can’t refuse”: Walloon shooting, Brussels lead actor, essentially Belgian technicians and post-production… Nothing is missing here to seduce us, not even a brilliant scenario which tells the story of the installation of the rapper Kamini’s father in a small town in the north of France where he will have all the difficulties in the world to be accepted as a doctor.
Twenty years later, the son signed an offbeat rap hit that is still remembered and that we could see in the credits of the film.

Grave will also be shot in Wallonia, in Liège to be precise. Co-produced by Frakas (involved in two selected files), this strange story of a vegetarian who will abruptly deviate from her nutritional doctrine and experiment with forbidden pleasures will be mainly confined to the ULg. One thing is certain: the young director Julia Ducournau is likely to make headlines with this atypical and cheeky first feature film.

The other film, partly supported by Frakas, is Souvenir, a project that is just as (d)astonishing even if more conventional in its form and approach.
Second feature film by the flamboyant Bavo Defurne who signed Noordzee, Texas in 2011 (after a dozen shorts), Souvenir tells the story of the return to the stage of a singer who participated in the Eurovision contest in the 70s and who is put back in the saddle by a young boy with whom she falls in love.

To spice up this tantalizing pitch, the production offers us an amazing casting of the film: Isabelle Huppert as a has-been crooner attracted to Kevin Azais (2015 César for Best Hope for Les Combattants), now that’s not trivial.

Seven days of shooting in Belgium, a massive Brussels-Walloon post-production, quality expenses. A file that could not escape the vigilance of the board of directors of the mixed fund.

For the first time Wallimage (and by extension Wallimage/Bruxellimage) will also co-finance a feature film byHélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani . Nominated in 2011 at the Magritte du cinéma for Amer, the couple followed up with The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, which won numerous awards in Europe, the United States and even Brazil.

After two homages to the Italian master Dario Argento, the duo now tackles film noir, approached here from the fetishistic angle that is Cattet and Forzani’s trademark. Anonymes films is once again at the helm of this third project planned in 16mm, which will be filmed by Manu Dacosse: you don’t change a winning team and style.


The hilarious Grand Froid, brought to us by Panache and La Compagnie cinématographique, is also about corpses. No need to tell you the pitch, you can actually listen to the script which was recorded in the France Culture studio by the whole team of the film (minus Olivier Gourmet who was held up that day).

If you are interested in this exercise, you can listen to it here (It’s a treat!).

Arthur Dupont(Mobile Home, Brabançonne) and Jean-Pierre Bacri form the convincing lead duo of a film that promises to be stylish and… chilling. Shooting in winter if the snow is there.

Grand Froid will be the first feature film of Frenchman Gérard Pautonnier, adapted like his short film from a novel by Joel Egoff. Ten days of filming in Wallonia, five in Brussels, a massively Belgian post-production, Philippe Guibert as chief op. What more could you ask for?

The only TV project retained here, Code 229 was brought to us by Everlasting Prod. The series consists of four episodes that will be produced for RTL/TVI. All of them are based on the same concept: they tell the story of a murder… from the victim’s point of view. The strong point of this project is a four-star technical team, led by director Sammy Fransquet and cinematographer Hichame Allouié. All the actors will be Belgian and the post-production will be done in equal parts in Wallonia and Brussels.

Seven projects selected is the first time in the history of the mixed fund.
Note that the next session open to Belgian producers is an exclusively Walloon session scheduled for November 9.